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Local Churches

What is the mission of older people in the Church?  Starting from this question – which took form in the reality of about 40 countries in which it is present –  Life Ascending International ...

Ad limina
Bishops from Romania and Moldavia visit the Dicastery

A small  community that has virtually had to start afresh but today it is growing and is very active in pastoral care, the social field and promoting Cristian values in a society divided between ...

Ad limina
The Croatian Bishops Visit to the Dicastery

Since the end of the war with Yugoslavia in 1995, the Croatian Church has gradually succeeded in getting back on its feet and today counts 4 Archdioceses, including one directly responsible to the ...

Young People
Today, the Diocese of Rome opens the Meeting of young people in love

This afternoon the “Meeting of Young People in Love” will open, an appointment promoted by the Centre for Family Pastoral Care of the Diocese of Rome on the theme “Born to Love.  Whom can I make ...

Family Pastoral Care
Undersecretary Ghisoni at the Meeting of the Episcopal Conference of Italy in Assisi: “Announcing the Gospel spurred by our experience of joy”

At the invitation of the National Director, Don Paolo Gentili, the Dicastery Undersecretary, Linda Ghisoni attended the Meeting in Assisi which the National Office for Family Pastoral Care of the ...

Local churches

A document – the second in just a few weeks – on the themes of sexuality, gender and the so-called gender ideology, also in regard to the cultural and political debate going on in Argentina. It has ...

Prefect Farrell’s message to the XXIII National Meeting on Family Pastoral Care organized by the Episcopal Conference of Guatemala

“Never ignore the fact that every person includes a concrete and individual reality which we must understand, just as we need to focus our pastoral efforts  on the experiences of the members of ...

From Humanae Vitae to Amoris Laetitia
Prefect Farrell’s message to the congress organized by Africa Family Life Foundation

“Our perspective must be that of Christ and his loving concern for each of us, our language that of the Holy spirit , driving us towards others not with words but with simplicity and reference to ...

Our secretary, Father Awi Mello, attended the Continental Congress of Laymen and Laywomen in Brazil

The letter on the participation of the laity in public life that Pope Francis sent on 19th March to Cardinal Francesco Marc Oellet,  President of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, ...

Local Churches

“Shattered Ties” is the title of the series of encounters proposed by the Family Pastoral Office of the Diocese of Padua  and addressed to people living in circumstances of separation, divorce or ...

The traditional family will always be needed in the globalized future

A few days ago, Father  José Guillermo Gutiérrez from our Dicastery attended a conference called "Truth and Values in the Family and in the Community", organized by the Catholic ...

World Youth Hope
Extract from the conference on young people and new technologies in Romanian high schools

We are publishing the talk Marco Busati, who cooperates with our Dicastery and is the  Director of Hope, is  giving in high schools in  Cluj, Blaj, Oradea and Bucarest this month, in ...

Local Churches

“The result aside, we should also reflect on the fact that an apparent failure can be full of hope”: were the word of the Greek-Catholic Bishop, Claudiu Pop, vicar of the Cardinal of Blaj ...

Ad limina
On the occasion of their ad limina visit to our Dicastery, the Scottish bishops shared the experience of their particular churches, albeit a minority in their territory, yet without fear of making their voices heard

With 700,000 faithful out of a population of over 5 million, the Catholic Church in Scotland is present nationwide in public debate and on sensitive issues such as the end of life, research on ...


The free union "between man and woman" continues to be the foundation of the family. This is what the Catholic Bishops of Romania have stated in a press release issued the day after the ...