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“Giving the best of yourself in sports is also a call to aspire to holiness”. Pope Francis writes in the letter that introduces the document “Giving the best of yourself” about the Christian perspective on sport and the human person, which the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life presented in 2018 at a conference in the Press Office of the Holy See. The document, composed of five chapters, wants to offer a Christian perspective of sport to those who practice it, assist as spectators, and participate in it as technicians, arbiters, coaches, as well as to families, priests, and parishes.”



Addresses of the Holy Fathers

On many occasions and with increasing frequency, the Popes have referred to sport as a means of promoting the encounter with the Creator, people’s social inclusion, and the development of the nations. On this page, we would like to bring to your attention the papal magisterium on sports activities and the positive culture that it can create.



Maxaquene Stadium (Maputo) - 5 September 2019
Clementine Hall - 13 June 2019
Paul VI Audience Hall Thursday, 7 May 2015





John Paul II

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1978 - 2005