Directory of Associations

The Directory lists only the international associations of the faithful
and other ecclesial realities
formally recognized or erected by the Dicastery.
A review of all the presentation previously published in the Directory
is currently underway. This will also allow
the inclusion in the Directory of associations
that have only recently received recognition from the Holy See.

Adsis Communities

OFFICIAL NAME   Adsis Communities   ALSO KNOWN AS Adsis   ESTABLISHED 1964   HISTORY The Adsis Communities were founded in ...  

Amigonian Cooperators

OFFICIAL NAME   Amigonian Cooperators   ACRONYM A.Cs   ESTABLISHED 1992   HISTORY The Amigonian Cooperators was instituted by the ...  

Canção Nova Community

OFFICIAL NAME Canção Nova   ESTABLISHED 1978   HISTORY In 1975, Bishop Antônio Afonso de Miranda of the Diocese of Lorraine (São Paulo, ...  

logo Com Cenacolo 2020.jpg
Cenacolo Community

    OFFICIAL NAME Comunità Cenacolo   FOUNDATION 1983   HISTORY The Cenacolo Community was born on July 16, 1983, on the feast of ...  

Logo Charis.png

OFFICIAL NAME Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service   ALSO KNOWN AS CHARIS   ESTABLISHED 2018   HISTORY CHARIS was created ...  

logo CLC-CVX 2020.jpg
Christian Life Community

OFFICIAL NAME Christian Life Community (CLC) Comunidad de Vida Cristiana (CVX) Communauté de Vie Chrétienne ...  

Christian Life Movement

OFFICIAL NAME Movimiento de Vida Cristiana   ACRONYM CLM   ALSO KNOWN AS Christian Life Movement   ESTABLISHED 1985   HISTORY The ...  

logo Claire Amitié.jpg
Claire Amitié

OFFICIAL NAME Claire Amitié   ESTABLISHED 1946   HISTORY Claire Amitié was envisioned and founded in France by Thérèse Cornille (1917-1989). ...  

Comunità Domenico Tardini Association

OFFICIAL NAME "Comunità Domenico Tardini" Association   ESTABLISHED 1980   HISTORY The Association was founded on the principles ...  

Consolation for the World Movement

OFFICIAL NAME Movimiento Consolación para el Mundo   ACRONYM MCM   ALSO KNOWN AS Consolation for the World ...  

sposi cristo.gif
Couples for Christ

OFFICIAL NAME Couples for Christ  ACRONYM CFC ESTABLISHED 1981   HISTORY Couples for Christ was established in Manila, Philippines in ...  

Covenant of Love with the Sacred Heart of Jesus

OFFICIAL NAME Alianza de Amor con el Sagrado Corazón de Jesús   ACRONYM AASCJ   ALSO KNOWN AS Covenant of Love with the Sacred Heart of ...  

logo Emmanuel 2020.png
Emmanuel Community

OFFICIAL NAME Communauté de l’Emmanuel   ESTABLISHED 1972   HISTORY The Emmanuel Community was founded in Paris, France, by Pierre Goursat ...  

logo Encounters 2020.png
Encounters of Married Couples

  OFFICIAL NAME Encounters of Married Couples   ALSO KNOWN AS Spotkania Małżeńskie   ESTABLISHED 1978   HISTORY The movement was ...  

Logo EPJ Sin Fondo.png
Encounters of Youth Promotion Movement

OFFICIAL NAME Movimiento Encuentros de Promoción Juvenil   AKRONYM EPJ   ESTABLISHED 1968   HISTORY The Encounters of Youth Promotion ...  

Family of Hope

OFFICIAL NAME Família da Esperança   ALSO KNOWN AS Fazenda da Esperança   ESTABLISHED 1983   HISTORY The Family of Hope was founded in ...  

Fondacio Logo esteso 2021.jpg

OFFICIAL NAME Fondacio   ESTABLISHED 1974   HISTORY The association Fondacio finds its origins in Poitiers (France) in 1974, as a result of ...  

Franciscans of Mary

OFFICIAL NAME        Asociación privada de fieles Franciscanos de María   ALSO KNOWN AS Franciscans of ...  

Fraternity of Charles de Foucauld

OFFICIAL NAME Fraternity of Charles de Foucauld   ACRONYM FCF   ESTABLISHED 1991   HISTORY FCF was established at Bayonne, France, by a ...  

Fraternity of Communion and Liberation

OFFICIAL NAME Fraternity of Communion and Liberation    ACRONYM CL   ALSO KNOWN AS Communion and ...