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SIGNIS was founded by merging two organisations that had existed since 1928: OCIC, the International Catholic Organisation for Cinema, and UNDA, the International Catholic Association for Radio and Television. It is recognised by the Holy See as an International Catholic Organisation, and is a member of the Conference of ICOs, and as an NGO it has consultative status with UNESCO, Ecosoc and the Council of Europe.



SIGNIS is a worldwide network of associations, institutions and individuals working in the mass media, with the aim of alerting Christians to the importance of human communication in every culture, and encouraging them to speak out in this important sector. The Association, which represents Catholic media in all the governmental and non-governmental organisations and institutions, is committed to lobbying for policies to encourage communications that respect Christian values, justice and human rights; to involving media professionals in the dialogue on questions of professional ethics, and to fostering ecumenical and interfaith cooperation in the media sector. The projects implemented by SIGNIS are extremely varied, ranging from the promotion of television programmes and films by setting up juries to take part in film and television Festivals (such as Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Monte Carlo, Prix Italia), setting up radio broadcasting studios, producing and distributing videos, supporting the development of communication infrastructure (satellite telephony, Internet, Intranet). One of the priorities of SIGNIS is to guarantee everyone quality access to the media by providing them with information including learning how to interpret and view critically, and to acquire new communication techniques and technologies.



SIGNIS is governed by the General Assembly, the Assembly of Delegates, the Board of Management, which comprises the President, Vice President, General Secretary and Ecclesiastical Assistant, the Treasurer, a representative of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications (of which the President and the General Secretary of the Association are a member and a consultor, respectively), representatives of Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and Oceania, and one representative of the international organisations in contact with the Association. National Catholic associations of institutions and individuals working in the audiovisual media or Catholic International Media Organisations pursuing the same goals, may become Members of SIGNIS, and institutions or individuals working locally in the media, but in contact with their national associations, may become Associates.



SIGNIS has 150 Member associations and 76 Associate associations in 122 countries, as follows: Africa (39), Asia (16), Europe (27), Middle East (3), North America (7), Oceania (19) and South America (11).



SIGNIS is a founder member of CIFEJ (International Centre of Films for Children and Young People).



Signis Media, a two-monthly magazine, Signis Info, a two-monthly newsletter, Signis Web News, a fortnightly online newsletter.






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