Immaculate Heart of Mary

Immaculate Heart of Mary


Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Mercy Association or Tuus Totus



CIM (Coeur Immaculé de Marie)



Tuus Totus






Tuus Totus was established in 1963 in Rouen in France by Mgr Jehan Dahyot-Dolivet, Proto-notary Apostolic and Canon of the Patriarchal Basilica of St Mary Major. The founding and animation of prayer groups was a missionary activity from the beginning, starting with children and gradually involving the parents, neighbours and friends. It was approved by the Archbishop of Rouen in 1984 and spread among young people and adults, evangelising in neighbourhoods, parishes and deprived environments, and in the mission lands. On 8 December 1992, the Pontifical Council for the Laity issued a decree recognising the Association Coeur Immaculé de Marie - Tuus Totus as an international association of the faithful of Pontifical Right.



The purpose of Tuus Totus is to spread devotion to our Lady as the means of reaching Jesus Christ and that union with our Lord which is the perfection of Christian life. This aim is pursued by leading people to rediscover prayer to our Lady and to increase familiarity with the Gospel by reciting the Holy Rosary and meditating on the Mysteries. The members of the Association - lay, religious men and women, and priests - are driven by a missionary spirit and by the desire to work in the Church according to the teachings of the second Vatican Council and the spirituality of St Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort. The formation process, centred around devotion to our Lady, Mother of Mercy and our Mother, by renewing baptismal vows leads the members to give themselves to our Lord through Mary, consecrating to him the value of all we do. Each one therefore reaches the merciful love of God to the extent that they are transformed from within according to the spirit of a similar love towards their neighbour. In addition to providing formation to undertake pastoral and mission responsibilities, the specific areas of action of the Association are the evangelisation of families and environments in which the proclamation of the Gospel and the presence of the Church are lacking or missing.



Tuus Totus is headed by a General President and a General Vice-President, and members can be either affiliated or united members. Affiliated members are associations, religious Congregations, or church works and individuals who play a full part in Tuus Totus and practise its spirituality according to the spiritual Directory. United members are associations, movements, Church works or religious Congregations in communion with Tuus Totus in which some of their members practise the specific spirituality of the Association while others have made their act of consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In both instances, to safeguard the freedom of everyone, it is essential for every individual to make a personal act of membership. As the missionary intention of the Association aims to bring the essentials of Christian life within the reach of all, in particular the least and the poorest, there are prayer groups of children, young people and adults that work in contact with numerous ecclesial movements, new communities, Marian movements and spirituality Centres.



Tuus Totus has a total affiliated and united membership of 137,000 and is present in 37 countries as follows: Africa (14), Asia (6), Europe (8), North America (4), Oceania(1) and South America (4).



Rosaire, monthly magazine.



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