International Federation of Rural Adult Catholic Movements

International Federation of Rural Adult Catholic Movements



International Federation of Rural Adult Catholic Movements



FIMARC (Fédération Internationale des Mouvements Adultes Ruraux Catholiques)






FIMARC was established in Fatima, Portugal by rural adult Catholic movements from various European countries who wished to discuss their thinking and action. The vocation of universality which has characterised the Federation from the outset brought it within a few years to take in movements from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Recognised by the Holy See as an International Catholic Organisation, FIMARC is a member of the Conference of ICOs. As an NGO it has consultative status with Ecosoc, UNESCO, FAO and the Council of Europe.



In response to the Gospel appeal to show a preferential love for the poor, FIMARC works for the genuine evangelisation of rural areas and for the comprehensive advancement of the world’s rural people, the vast majority of whom are deprived of everything that is needed for a dignified human existence. The movements making up the Federation are committed to make their own contribution towards building up a society based on solidarity in which men and women can meet the needs of their families and communities with their own free and creative work; in which there is freedom of speech, association, and participation in public life; in which individuals and communities are respected in terms of everything that defines them: their sex, race, culture and religious faith.



FIMARC is managed by the General Assembly, made up of delegates of the member movements and associated organisations, which meets every four years, sets down the Federation’s guidelines and activity programmes, and elects the members of the Executive Committee; the Executive Committee, which implements the decisions adopted by the General Assembly, and is composed of three regional coordinators per continent, and one for the Middle East; the Bureau, elected by the Executive Committee and made up of a President, a Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer and the Ecclesiastical Assistant. Membership of FIMARC is composed of member movements, associated organisations, and corresponding institutions.



FIMARC comprises 60 member or associated movements, accounting for about 1,512,000 people, in 57 countries as follows: Africa (16), Asia (10), Europe (8), Middle East (2), and South America (21). The Federation also has over one million supporters worldwide.



Voix du monde rural, Lettre aux coordinateurs, Lettre aux mouvements, published quarterly in French, English and Spanish.





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