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Claire Amitié was established in France by Thérèse Cornille (1917-1989) a young woman trained in Catholic Action and Young Christian Workers, who at the age of 29 decided to devote her life to the service of girls and young women in difficulty or socially maladjusted, creating places where they could find a home and live as a family, coming face-to-face with the testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, finding new possibilities for growth, and learning to organise and manage their lives. Encouraged by Cardinal Achille Liénart, the Archbishop of Lille, in 1946 she opened the first hostel at Roubaix, which was followed over the years by others in France, and then in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The association was officially founded in 1975. On 13 May 1993, the Pontifical Council for the Laity issued a decree recognising Claire Amitié as an international association of the faithful of Pontifical Right.



Claire Amitié retrieves girls and young women from troubled and marginalised backgrounds. Living in small communities of animators they receive all-round preparation which helps them to recover their personal equilibrium, and an education to enable them to fit into the working world. The "Clair Logis" Centres are normally opened in response to requests from the bishops. The young guests come from different cultural and religious traditions, and they have what is often their very first experience of family life and of the fraternal love given and received that alone makes it possible to move forward towards the one and triune God. In the course of carrying out their mission, the members of Claire Amitié have regular contact with the Church authorities and cooperate with the parish communities, movements and other groups present in the dioceses in which the homes are situated. The animators are trained for five years, with a six-month probation period. Because of their specific mission, they are also given ongoing training in the human, spiritual, doctrinal, missionary, educational and professional dimensions.



Claire Amitié is headed by a President and Director-General assisted by her Council. The association has permanent members and associate members. Permanent members are the lay animators who have been called by God to live a life of virginity in a community, to pray and to be at the service of the human, spiritual and Christian advancement of the most disadvantaged girls and young women. The associate members are married and unmarried men and women who share the spirit and the purposes of the association, its love for the poor, its ecclesial and universal dimension, and who contribute to the management of supporting associations, to the girls’ education, and to life in the homes.



Claire Amitié has 277 permanent and associate members, in 7 countries as follows: Africa (4), Asia (1), Europe (1), and South America (1).



Fifteen "Clair Logis" homes have been opened at the initiative of Claire Amitié, managed in conjunction with eight supporting associations.



Parfum d’Ici et d’Ailleurs, a monthly bulletin.



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