Work of Saint John of Avila

Work of Saint John of Avila


Work of Saint John of Avila






The Work of Saint John of Avila was founded in Valencia, Spain, by Fr José Soto Chuliá (1887-1975) who, as a parish priest, realised the need to create groups of faithful within the parishes living according to their baptismal promises and bearing witness to revive the Christian conscience of others. Under his direction, various young unmarried women who saw this as their particular vocation to a spiritual motherhood, placed themselves at the service of the Church and devoted themselves to setting up apostolic groups. The experience spread gradually to other Spanish dioceses, and in 1962, in Valencia, the Pía Unión Obra del Beato Juan de Ávila was canonically erected, and within 30 years had spread beyond the borders of Spain and Europe. On 12 March 1994, the Pontifical Council for the Laity decreed recognition of the Obra de San Juan de Avila as an international association of the faithful of Pontifical Right.



The Work of Saint John of Avila aims at the Christian perfection of its members and the formation of apostolic groups made up of young men and women and married couples wishing to live their baptismal promises in their own states of life and professions. Its spirituality is characterised by the constant exercise of virtue through grace, participation in the sacraments and personal commitment; an intense interior life, to strengthen union with Christ. The formation of the members is based on the study of Holy Scripture, the teachings of Vatican II, the pontifical Magisterium, the writings of the saints and the catechism of the Catholic Church.



The Work of Saint John of Avila is headed by the Director-General, assisted by a General Council made up of the Deputy Director, the Secretary, the Treasurer and two members acting as Deputy Secretary and Deputy Treasurer. The association comprises associates (with a definitive commitment, renewable temporary commitment, and aspirants), and members of apostolic groups which participate in the charism of the Movement even though they are not legally bound to it.



The Movement has 102 associates in 11 countries as follows: Europe (1) and South America (10). There are 10,000 members of apostolic groups.



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