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The origins of ICCRS go back to 1970 when an International Communications Office (ICO) began operating at Ann Arbor (Michigan) at Notre Dame University, to keep contact between the various prayer groups that had emerged from the personal experience of Pentecost, known as the "new outpouring of the Spirit" or the "baptism of the Spirit", and to provide information on the nascent movement. In 1973, ICO began the annual publication of the Directory of Catholic Prayer Groups, giving the addresses of all the existing prayer groups. In 1977 a consultation was held for 110 people representing 60 countries, at which it was decided to set up an international Committee to supervise the work performed by the Office. In 1978, ICCRO (International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Offices) was founded, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. There were nine members from Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Oceania, together with the Archbishop of Malines-Brussels, Cardinal Leo Suenens, as the spiritual assistant. In order to develop relations with the Holy See, in 1980 ICCRO moved its offices to Rome. In 1985 ICCRO was given offices in the Vatican. Having adopted its present name, on 14 September 1993 International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services was recognised by the Pontifical Council for the Laity as an international association of the faithful, for the purpose of promoting Catholic Charismatic Renewal which is present in over 200 countries.



ICCRS is the main coordination and service structure of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. It performs its mission of promoting Renewal in the world by nurturing in its members their commitment to be faithful to the Catholic Church at both personal and group level; acting as a centre of unity, communication and collaboration between  the prayer groups and the communities present in every continent; financially supporting the Renewal centres in the developing countries and local initiatives and national and international youth meetings; and organising world congresses and conferences for Renewal leaders.



ICCRS is governed by the Council, which comprises the President, a Vice President and 12 Councillors representing different areas of Catholic Charismatic Renewal and the geographic areas in which it has been established. The decisions adopted by the Council are implemented by an Office, headed by an Executive Director, responsible for administration, working under the supervision of the President, and according to the instructions issued.



ICCRS is in contact with the leadership of charismatic organisations in 165 countries as follows: Africa (44), Asia (27), Europe (42), North America (27), Oceania (11) and South America (14).



ICCRS Newsletter published bimonthly in Italian, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Arabic and Romanian.





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