Members and Consultors

The Dicastery has its own members, including lay faithful, men and women, single and married, engaged in different fields of activity and from different parts of the world, thus reflecting the universal character of the Church. It has also its own Consultors.




CardGérald Cyprien Lacroix

Archbishop of Québec (Canada)


Card. Mario Aurelio Poli

Archbishop of Buenos Aires and ordinary for faithful of oriental rite resident in Argentina and without their own rite (Argentina)

Card. Baltazar Enrique Porras Cardozo

Archbishop of Mérida (Venezuela), Apostolic Administrator of Caracas, Santiago de Venezuela


Card. Jozef De Kesel

Archbishop of Malines-Brussels, Military Ordinary of Belgium



Card. Jean Zerbo

Archbishop of Bamako (Mali)


Card. João Braz de Aviz

Prefect of the Congregation for the Instititutes of Consecrated Life and the Societies of Apostolic Life

Card. Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer

Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Card. António Augusto dos Santos Marto

Bishop of Leiria-Fátima (Portugal)


Card. Álvaro Leonel Ramazzini Imeri

Bishop of Huehuetenango (Guatemala) 


Card. Wilton Daniel Gregory

Archbishop of Washington (United States of America)


Bishop Joel Portella Amado

Titular Bishop of Carmeiano, Auxiliary of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Secretary General of National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB)


Fr. Gianfranco Ghirlanda, S.J.

Professor emeritus of the Faculty of Canon Law of the Pontifical Gregorian University (Italy)

Piotr and Aleksandra Brzemia Bonarek

Lecturers in Krakow, respectively in biology at the Jagiellonian University and in Canon Law at the Pontifical John Paul II University (Poland)


Daniel and Shelley Ee

Heads of the International Ecclesial Team of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter Movement (Singapore)

Luis Jensen and Pilar Escudero de Jensen

Members of the Institute of Schönstatt Families (Chile)

Roberto Fontolan

Director of the International Centre of Communion and Liberation (Italy)


Moysés Louro de Azevedo Filho

Founder and moderator general of the Shalom Catholic Community (Brazil)


Laurent Landete

Member of the Communauté de l'Emmanuel (France), Director of Operations and Programming at the Collège des Bernardins


Marco Impagliazzo

President of the Sant’Egidio Community (Italy)


Geneviève Amélie Mathilde Sanze (Central African Republic)

Member of the General Council of the Focolare Movement - Work of Maria

Manfred Lütz

Head of Psychiatry at the Alexianer Infirmary Hospital of Cologne (Federal Republic of Germany)

Robert Cheaib (Lebanon)

Lecturer in Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University and the Pontifical Teresianum Theological Faculty


Laura Palazzani

Lecturer in Philosophy of Law at the Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta - LUMSA (Italy)


Helen M. Alvaré

Lecturer in Law at the Scalia Law School of the George Mason University School of Law (United States of America)



Franco Nembrini

Pedagogist and author of educational programmes for young people (Italy)



Javier Borrego Borrego

Magistrate of the Supreme Court (Spain)






Msgr. Matteo Visioli

Under-Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Italy)

Msgr. Jacques Suaudeau (France)

Spiritual assistant of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations

Msgr. Robert W. Oliver (United States of America)

Secretary of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors

Msgr. Pierangelo Sequeri

Rector of the Pontifical "John Paul II" Theological Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family (Italy)

Fr. Luis Felipe Navarro Marfá (Spain)

Magnificent Rector of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross


Fr. Jan Balik 

Founder of the Youth Pastoral Service in the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Fr. Roberto Colombo

Professor of Neurobiology and Human Genetics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome (Italy)


Fr. Ulrich Rhode, S.J. (Federal Republic of Germany)

Dean of the Faculty of Canon Law of the Pontifical Gregorian University


Fr. José Granados, of the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary (Spain)

Professor at the Pontifical "John Paul II" Theological Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family (Italy)


Fr. Fabio Attard, S.D.B. (Malta)

Member of the General Council of the Salesians, with responsibility for youth pastoral ministry 

Fr. Humberto Miguel Yáñez, S.I. (Argentina)

Professor at the Faculty of Moral Theology of the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome)

Sister Giovanna Maria Colombo, Loyola Community (Italy)

Lecturer in Canon Law at the St. Augustin Major Seminary and Judge of the Interdiocesan Tribunal of First Instance of Bamako (Mali)


Léon Botolo Magoza and Marie-Valentine Kisanga Sosawe

Founders and Heads of the Communauté Famille Chrétienne (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Emmanuel and Marie Gabrielle Ménager

Founders and Presidents of the Theology of the Body European Center (France)


Guilherme Vaz

Member of the Executive Committee of the Catholic Council of India (India)


Luigino Bruni

Lecturer in Political Economy at the Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta di Roma (Italy)

Maria Voce

Member of the Focolare Movement - Work of Mary (Italy)


María Ascensión Romero Antón

Member of the Managing Team of the Neocatechumenal Way (Spain)


Giuseppe Noia

President of the Italian Association of Catholic Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and Director of the Hospice Perinatale at Gemelli Hospital (Italy)


Thomas W. Hilgers

Founder and Director of the Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction (United States of America)


Paul Metzlaff

Director of the Commission for Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations of the German Bishops  Conference (Federal Republic of Germany)


Malcom Hart

Director of the Youth Pastoral Office of the Australian Episcopal Conference (Australia)

Clare Jiayann Yeh

Founder and Director of the Pastoral Office for Marriage and the Family of the Chinese Regional Episcopal Council (Taiwan)


Carmen Peña García

Lecturer in Marriage Law at the Faculty of Canon Law of the Pontifical Comillas University of Madrid (Spain)


Ana María Celis Brunet

Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Chile (Chile)

Emilio Inzaurraga e Claudia Alejandra Carbajal

Respectively, Coordinator of the American Promotion Team for the International Forum Cathlic Action - FIAC, and Lecturer in Educational Sciences at the Catholic University of Argentina