Keeping the great event celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, in 2013, alive in the memory young people around the world, accompanying them step by step to the next in Panama

Since 2014, the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro commemorates the anniversary of 2013 WYD celebrated in Rio, with the aim of encouraging the participation of young people in the next edition of WYD. This ...

Interview of Prefect Farrell with the Italian Bishops’ press agency

“We hope that thanks to the Meeting, families will be able to acquire a more intense awareness of their vocation, which is to bear witness of joy before the world in spite of all the difficulties that ...

From Ronchi dei Legionari to Rome: 700 km in four days. A group of cyclists support the project “A Door for Life”

On a beautiful day in July, Father Giovanni Buontempo, representing the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life, welcomed the cyclists who participated in the project “Ride to Rome,” at the end ...

Bishop Sousa denounces fake news and inflated numbers intended to influence public opinion

Some pro-abortion organizations and newspapers have tried to influence public opinion in Brazil, by inflating the numbers of induced abortions performed each year in the country. The denunciation was ...

Dublin World Meeting: The seventh and last artistic multimedia clip combined with the catechetical journey is online

David Foster’s “The Prayer” is the soundtrack of the seventh multimedia clip produced by the Dicastery together with the Franciscans of Mary in preparation for the Dublin World Meeting of ...

Pope Francis
A video message with the Pope's prayer intention for the month of August

“Life today can endanger the family, so concrete measures are needed to help it to grow.” This is the heart of Pope Francis’ message in the video with the prayer intention for the month of August. The ...

6 August 1978. Forty years ago, Pope Paul VI, Blessed and soon to be Canonized (next October 14th), returned home to the Father. The Pope of the Council, but also of the Humanae Vitae

A few days ago, on July 25th, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Paul VI’s Encyclical, Humanae Vitae. This document met with strong opposition, yet it was also recognized as “prophetic” for it ...

This is the title of the contribution of Cardinal Farrell to the thick Dossier of Pastoral Life prepared for the World Meeting of Families

If “the family is a factory of hope, the most beautiful thing God has done,” as Pope Francis said in Philadelphia, is making it the sign of the beauty and joy of love (Amoris Laetitia) that “the ...

Dublin: Gabriella Gambino
“Educating to true freedom, to know how to act like God”

This is the title of the reflection of the Undersecretary of the Dicastery, Gabriella Gambino, on one of the hot topics to be addressed at the upcoming World Meeting in Dublin: educating children in ...

In Brazil, the debate on the decriminalization of abortion has begun

A call to defend life from conception to natural death has been launched by the Brazilian Bishops in view of the debate on a proposal to decriminalize the voluntary interruption of pregnancy up to the ...

Lay Saints
The Diocese of Rome has launched the process with the Edict: “Her oblation is a beacon of hope”

“We think of the saints as heroes, as people capable of doing special things. No, it’s not like that; the experience of God is never taken for granted.” These are the words of Father Vito D’Amato, ...

Humanae Vitae
Reflections of Father Roberto Colombo and Bishop Semeraro on the 50th anniversary of the Encyclical on conjugal love

“This is a very precious gift that Blessed Paul VI has given to the Church and to the world: a light cast on the truth of human love, that “whole” truth that the Bible, starting in the first chapters ...

For the first time in Lviv (Ukraine), a forum of the representatives from the various youth ministries of both the Latin Rite and Ukrainian Greek Rite Catholics has been celebrated

“Young Catholics in Ukraine share the same dreams and experiences, no matter whether they are Latin Rite or Ukrainian Greek Rite Catholics. First of all, they long to build closer ties with the ...

Local Churches
A Document from the Australian Bishops’ Conference on the the Ministry of the Laity

  “Faithful Stewards of God’s Grace” is the title of the document on the Lay Pastoral Ministry in the Church in Australia, published by the National Conference on the New Evangelization, Proclaim ...

The Genfest in Manila challenges the young to be global men and women

Love, start again and share are the three words proposed by the Focolare President Maria Voce on the day after the closing of the eleventh edition of the Genfest, the international festival of the ...