Ad limina
On the occasion of their ad limina visit to our Dicastery, the Scottish bishops shared the experience of their particular churches, albeit a minority in their territory, yet without fear of making their voices heard

With 700,000 faithful out of a population of over 5 million, the Catholic Church in Scotland is present nationwide in public debate and on sensitive issues such as the end of life, research on ...

From Japan
A story of love and friendship, where technology serves to ask: “What’s your name?”

A “simple and beautiful” story of friendship, in which technology is a tool for getting to know the other person, while destined to leave room for the memory of the heart and an urgent question: ...

The names of the Members and Consultors of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life, appointed by Pope Francis have been published today. Together they will assist our Dicastery together with the three cardinals who had already been appointed in December of last year.

Art 3 of the Statutes of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life states the following in paragraph § 1: “The Dicastery has its own members, including lay faithful, men and women, single and ...

Local Churches

The reality of the local Church presented by the Bishops of England and Wales on the occasion of their visit to our Dicastery, on September 24th, is that of a community facing the challenges of ...

Towards the Synod
Among the objectives of the meeting that ends tomorrow, more formation and development of a critical spirit

The National Council of the Laity of Brazil (CNLB) is organizing, for its young members, a national meeting that will be held in the Sagrada Família formation center, in São Paulo, with the aim of ...

Ad Limina Visit

On 13 September, a large group of bishops from Venezuela came to our Dicastery as part of their ad limina visit. The bishops have depicted a country grappling with serious political, economic, and ...

Towards the Synod of the Young
Thousands of students from Romanian Catholic high schools are participating in a national educational program

“It seems like smartphones and tablets have always existed, but they appeared just over a decade ago. Moreover, they are not—as we are led to believe—empty boxes but full jars and a multitude of ...

Fr. Awi Mello: “We need to train laity for the urgent needs of our time, and for the needs of a Church that looks outwards towards society, the specific environment of the laity”

Three international associations led the concluding panel discussion on day three of the International Symposium: “Promotion and Formation of the Laity: best practices”, organised by the Dicastery for ...

The FAFCE has organized a Policy Briefing at the headquarters of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels

The Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE) has organized a “policy briefing” on the theme “Family & Finance: A possible alliance?” that will be held on 16 October at the ...


“The San Lorenzo Center is a privileged place for youth initiatives. We want to start prayer groups, vigils, and activities, but we are also open to other youth initiatives. We invite the young people ...

Ecclesial Movements
The contribution of ecclesial movements to the Synod on the Young

On June 19th, the Annual meeting of the Dicastery with the general moderators of the lay associations, the ecclesial movements and of the new communities was held in the Palazzo San Calisto. During ...

An intense day of listening and exchanging experiences of the formation of Christifideles throughout the world

Yesterday was an intense day of work at the international meeting on the promotion and formation of lay faithful organized by the Dicastery: the “best practices” of countries in North America and ...

The international meeting on the promotion and formation of the laity has entered into the heart of the matter

The international meeting on the promotion and formation of the lay faithful began yesterday with the participation at Pope Francis’ General Audience in St. Peter’s Square. This meeting, organized by ...

“Broadening our understanding of the current conditions of the lay faithful” and “extending our gaze to the ever more secularized corners of society that are easily overlooked when discussing the life of the Church"

This afternoon in Rome, Card. Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, introduced the work and explained the objectives of the international meeting on “Promotion and ...

Activities of the Dicastery
Starting tomorrow, the Dicastery hosts an international meeting with 15 Episcopal Conferences

Starting tomorrow, Friday, the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life will host an international meeting on the promotion and formation of the lay faithful, with the participation of representatives ...