Ad Limina Visits

Ad Limina
Between December and January, four groups of bishops from Spain took turns in the Dicastery for the ad limina visit

  Aware of the loss of ground that their Church has been facing for several years now, the Spanish bishops outlined some of the strategies they are putting in place to stem the ...

Ad limina
With the arrival of the fourth group of Polish bishops on October 25, the cycle of ad limina visits to the Dicastery by bishops from this European country came to an end

  . So many pressing pastoral issues! Speaking of the laity, they expressed deep concern about the marked and growing number of faithful who, while attending Sunday Mass, lead a life that is ...

Ad limina
Last group of French Bishops for Ad limina visits to the Dicastery

  On various burning issues of bioethics and civil rights such as medically assisted procreation, marriage for all, the French state and a large part of its public opinion have recently embarked ...

Ad limina
France: Continuing dialogue with society

  A few days ago, with the arrival of the first of the three groups of the bishops from France to the Dicastery, the ad limina visits, which had been abruptly suspended in March 2020 due to the ...

Ad limina

In recent weeks, various groups of American bishops in Rome on their ad limina visits stopped by the Dicastery. The spoke to us of a laity that is generous and which actively participates in the life ...

Ad limina

Over the past few weeks, our Dicastery has hosted the bishops of the Episcopal Conference of the Pacific and that of New Zealand on their ad limina visit. Here, we offer a few salient points which ...

Ad limina

In the month of September, our Dicastery received the Indian bishops on their ad limina visit. In India, the Catholic Church represents a small minority: there are 22 million Catholic faithful in a ...

"Ad limina" visit

Discussing the Church’s situation today in Australia, the Bishops from that area, on an “ad limina” visit at the Dicastery yesterday, identified creeping secularization as one of the main causes of ...

Ad limina visit

The Catholic Church, with its 8 million lay faithful, represents a very minor reality in Indonesia where 87% of the population is Muslim, making it the largest Islamic country in the world. However, ...

Ad limina visit

The opening note of the Bishops from Angola and São Tomé and Príncipe on an ad limina visit about the reorganization of the structures of their Episcopal Conference took account of the care with which ...

Ad limina visits
The ad limina visit of the Bishops from the Philippines to the Dicastery has been completed

In the year in which the Philippine Church has put youth pastoral care as the main item on its agenda  – a step along the nine year path begun in 2013 and ending in 2021 with the celebrations for ...

Ad Limina Visit

An ad limina visit by the Philippine Bishops is currently taking place in Rome and on 20th May last, our Dicastery received the first of the three groups. Among the many matters dealt with, we ...

Ad limina visit/Argentina I

On 29th April, our Dicastery welcomed the first of three groups of bishops from Argentina who arrived in Rome for an ad limina visit. Speaking on behalf of his brothers, Mgr Andrés Stanovnick, Bishop ...

Ad Limina Visit

The greater part of the pastoral care efforts put into place by the bishops of the Episcopal Conference of the Indian Ocean Islands, that group together the Seychelles, La Réunion, Mauritius, ...

Ad limina
Bishops from Romania and Moldavia visit the Dicastery

A small  community that has virtually had to start afresh but today it is growing and is very active in pastoral care, the social field and promoting Cristian values in a society divided between ...