Undersecretary Laity

Protection of minors
Networked assocations for a leadership training project aimed at preventing and combating abuse

Ever more on the side of the little ones: this is the goal with which the SAFE project was launched, jointly promoted by the Pope John XXIII Community association, Italian Catholic Action, and the ...

Undersecretary Ghisoni to the meeting of the Conferência Nacional das Associações do Apostolado dos Leigos at the Portuguese Bishops’ Conference

What is the greatest challenge that the call to holiness places on the lay faithful in light of the Apostolic Exhortation Gaudete et Exultate? “Singing our score, not an ideal yet not real,” ...

Message of Undersecretary Gambino to the pastoral care of families conference of Guatemala

“If we want to protect and defend life, we must protect the elderly and work together to create networks of presence and human and Christian solidarity around them. Caring for the elderly is caring ...

Lay Faithful
Undersecretary Ghisoni at the meeting of Acción Católica General in Spain

How are we to be laypersons who transform the world and the society in which we are living? It was this question that inspired Undersecretary Linda Ghisoni’s talk at the end of the Meeting of the ...

Lay Faithful

Linda Ghisoni, Under Secretary, will attend the meeting of the lay faithful parishioners that has been organized in Spain by Acción Católica General from 1st through 4th August 2019.  The ...

Prefect Farrell’s Christmas Greetings

“Are our hearts open wide enough to welcome the words of Christ in our lives?”.  This is what our Prefect, Kevin Farrell asks us all in his video greetings message for Christmas 2018.  “The ...

Dakar The General Assembly of the Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations: Undersecretary Ghisoni attends

The General Assembly of the Catholic Women’s Organisations  is being held in Dakar, Senegal until 22nd October on the topic: “Women, carriers of living water to a world which thirsts for ...

Interview of Undersecretary Ghisoni with Vatican News

“If we remember and renew the awareness of what the alliance between a man and a woman means in marriage, as well as the gifts, the fruits, the benefits that it entails for the children and for the ...

Associations and Movements
Approval of changes in the statutes of the association that supports vulnerable women

A few days ago, Prefect Kevin Farrell, in the presence of Undersecretary Linda Ghisoni, gave (see the photo on the side) Marie-Ange Bellance, President of Claire Amitié, the decree approving some ...

Associations and Movements
The meeting of Undersecretary Ghisoni with the participants in the Schools of Charity and Mission of the Emmanuel Community

A few days ago, in the Roman church of Trinità dei Monti, the Undersecretary Linda Ghisoni met a group of young couples from France who are participating in the Schools of Charity and Mission animated ...