On 28 April, the IV Sacramental Theology Colloquium will be held at the John Paul II Institute on “The conjugal bond and sacramental character”

“The conjugal bond and sacramental character: A new corporeality” is the theme of the IV Sacramental Theology Colloquium, which will be hosted by the Pontifical John Paul II Institute on 28 April. ...

The 2017 World Family Map: “Children are more serene within marriage”

  Marriage is one of the most stable relational forms of coexistence. This is proven by the “2017 World Family Map,” presented on 16 February, at Roma Tre University, during the conference on ...

“Retrouvaille”—Divorce is not a solution in Italy either

  Healing wounds to prevent divorce is the objective of “Retrouvaille,” an association whose name explains its mission: reuniting, and not just a simple therapy for the couple, after which they ...

The St. Thomas More Center in Spain has launched a campaign for mandatory family therapy

“Divorce is not the solution.” This is the slogan of the campaign launched by the Spanish legal center St. Thomas More, which has proposed a petition for a law that contemplates the obligation of ...

Fafce: “Ban on pornography and gratuitous violence on television to protect our children”

  The reintroduction of “the ban on pornography and gratuitous violence on television, extending it to other audiovisual channels” to “better protect our children from harmful content and the new ...

The Pontifical John Paul II Institute is promoting a seminar on the pastoral for marginalized families

“Pastoral Commitment with marginalized and poor families” is the theme of the seminar proposed by the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family from 2 to 11 May. The event, ...

Projects, pilgrimages, workshops, and TV series: the initiatives of the Archdiocese of Toledo for families

“To offer help in deepening the call to holiness in family life.” This idea is the source of the proposals made by the delegation of Family and Life of the Archdiocese of Toledo, which repeats its ...

The Instrumentum Laboris of the 5th American Missionary Congress has been published—from the crisis to the urgency of saving the family

“America in Mission, the Gospel is Joy” is the catchphrase of the document “The joy of the Gospel: heart of the prophetic mission, source of reconciliation and communion,” the Instrumentum Laboris ...

In his speech for the inauguration of the Judicial Year of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota, Pope Francis indicated the “remedies available” for dealing with the worrying situation marked by the gradual increase, even today, of the number of invalid marriages.

Partendo da un testo di San Giovanni Paolo II (Fides et Ratio), che ribadiva il legame tra la conoscenza di fede e quella della ragione – per cui “quanto più ci si allontana dalla prospettiva di fede, ...

A course on sex education will be given at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute from 13 to 17 February

“The Splendor and ambiguity of Sexuality. Is educating possible?” This is the central question that will be developed in the course promoted by the Pontifical John Paul II Institute, from 13 to 17 ...