The elderly

Launch of the campaign “The elderly are your grandparents” Use the inventiveness of love: make phone or video calls, listen to them!

It is possible to reduce the isolation felt by elderly people while also strictly observing health guidelines for Covid-19. The pandemic has hit the elderly particularly hard and it has disconnected ...

Messages from the Episcopal Conferences of Spain, Portugal, and Canada

The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the elderly particularly hard. In fact, the vast majority of recorded deaths have been among people over seventy years of age, and in particular among those who, ...


  Dear Brothers and Sisters, In the heart of this "unexpected and furious storm, we realized”, as Pope Francis reminded us, “that we are on the same boat". Inside there are also the ...

As of today, you may find the texts and videos of our first international pastoral conference on the elderly in their original language on our webpage dedicated to the event.


The message of the Holy Father in audience with participants in the first international conference on the pastoral care of the elderly, “The Richness of Many Years of Life”

“When we think of the elderly and speak of them, especially in the pastoral dimension, we must learn to modify the verbs a little. There is not only the past, as if for the elderly there exists only ...

The third and final session of the first international conference “The Richness of Many Years of Life”

Opening the third and last session of the conference on the pastoral care of the elderly, which took place at the Augustinianum, Cardinal José Tolentino de Mendonça, archivist and libraian of the Holy ...

The second session of the first international conference, “The Richness of Many Years of Life”

“The juxtaposition of the elderly and the family is fundamental for understanding the phenomenon of aging in a population that is ever more numerous, provided that it is clarified that when we speak ...

The first international conference for the pastoral care of the elderly begins today at the Augustinianum

“The pastoral care of the elderly is something new. We must start a process and set up a dialogue which can only be but a rough draft,” in that “our task in these days is to ask ourselves what the ...

The Richness of Many Years of Life
The first International Conference on the pastoral care of the elderly begins tomorrow

“The conference of the next few days is only the first step in a journey which we imagine will not be a short one; it shows that within the Church there is quite a great number of people who wish the ...

Interview with Prefect Card. Farrell on the Conference which will bring together 550 participants from 60 countries

In the Church, the elderly have at times been forgotten, or considered somewhat of a burden, even while “they should be co-protagonists, by virtue of their immense experience, thanks to their many ...