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Local Churches
A visit to Holy Shroud will be an excellent stage for young people on pilgrimage in Rome

The subalpine dioceses are promoting a pilgrimage to Rome for young people. The program, scheduled for 9 August, for young people from 16 to 30, from the 17 dioceses of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta will ...

2018 Synod
Summary documents from many countries: You can also participate at the pre-synodal meeting, in March, through social media

The online portal with the questionnaire, the channels of the social networks, the Seminar on condition of youth last September but, above all, the first statistical data related to the online ...

John Paul II Institute
Registration for the three-year Masters Program in marriage and family sciences proposed by the Institute in collaboration with the Italian Bishops’ Conference is open until the end of February

“The combination of theological preparation, pastoral ministry, and moments of fraternal life” constitutes the “fundamental unity.” This is the novelty of the Masters Program in Marriage and Family ...

Local Churches
The Dublin World Meeting of Families: A vademecum for the dioceses from the Italian Bishops’ Conference

“We are delighted to be able to offer you indications on how to participate in the IX World Meeting of Families, which will be held from 21 to 26 August in Dublin.” This is the incipit of the letter ...

Ten years after the WYD celebrated in the most populous city of Oceania, the Church launches a Year of Youth

In these days, from 7 to 9 December, the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (#ACYF) is being held in Sydney. This event, promoted by the Australian Church, proposes the new generations an opportunity ...

Films proposed by the association Cattolica Esercenti Cinema for reflecting together on the family

The project entitled “Esperienze d'amore” (Experiences of Love), promoted by the Catholic association "Esercenti Cinema" for the Office of Family Ministry of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, ...

The story of Evelyn and Rolando and of their little Lourdes, born thanks to the intercession of St. John Paul II

The fruits that many young pilgrims of the WYD say they have received at the meetings throughout the world are countless, but when we read this story, we said: Why not ask Evelyn to write her ...

Latin America
A three-day meeting with lay people who have public responsibilities to encourage the Bishops to listen and the inclusion of politics in the mission of the ecclesial community

Exchanging experiences, listening to different testimonies, and sharing reflections on Catholic laity who assume political responsibilities in the various Latin American countries are the primary ...

The Ad Limina Visit of the Hungarian Bishops to the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life

The challenges are those of all European countries, especially of those that, in recent decades, have come out from behind the iron curtain and are faced with the transition from communism to ...

Local Churches
Starting today a year will be dedicated to events and reflection to stimulate and encourage lay people in the mission of the “outgoing Church”

The Year of the Laity opens today, 26 November, Solemnity of Christ the King. The Church in Brazil will be actively engaged in this initiative until 25 November 2018. The theme chosen to promote the ...