The address of the Holy Father during the Marian prayer Vigil held on occasion of World Youth Day in St. Mary Major Basilica

The Young and Volunteering

Young Ecuadorians are generously dedicating one year of their lives to help society’s most vulnerable members. This is an experience involving groups of young people from this Latin American country ...

Press release

The Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life has organized, in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops, the Conference "From Krakow to Panama. The Synod on the way with ...


A day of formation, organized by the French Episcopal Conference’s National Service for the Evangelization of Youth and Vocations, brought together youth ministry directors of dioceses, movements, ...


“Beauty will save the world” may seem to be a popular slogan or an excessively vast and abstract program: yet, it is a very concrete expression for the Jesuit Father Jean-Paul Hernandez, Swiss of ...


Even within the enclosed space of the convention center, where people—especially young people—from over one hundred countries around the world have gathered, there has been a surprise: delegates from ...


The word “Way” connects the path of the World Youth Days—a worldwide pilgrimage that began thirty years ago—with the Synod of Bishops; now, the word Synod means “walking together.” The theme of the ...


“We cannot forget the marginalized, those who are excluded”: this is the wish of Pope Francis, also insisted on by H.E. Msgr. José Domingo Ulloa Mendieta, Archbishop of Panama, in his presentation to ...

WYD 2019

The preparations for the World Youth Day in Panama are quickly advancing. This morning, a delegation of the Local Organizing Committee, led by Msgr. Ulloa, was received by Card. Farrell and several ...

Pope Francis has addressed a letter to young people on the occasion of the presentation of the preparatory document for the coming XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the theme “Young people, faith and vocation discernment,” a document intended to be “like a compass along this path.” These are some of the Pope’s beautiful words.

Dear young people, “I wanted you to be the centre of attention, because you are in my heart,” as ” a Father who invites you to ‘go’, to set out towards a future which is unknown but one which will ...

Some reflections by Father João Chagas, head of the Youth Section of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life.

    I have a strong impression that the thread linking the texts presented at the press conference, starting with the Pope’s letter, is the desire to listen to young people, to make them ...


The World Youth Day will be celebrated from 22 to 27 January 2019. This announcement was made by Panama’s Archbishop, Msgr. José Domingo Ulloa Mendieta, during a press conference today in the capital ...

To walk by their side

Nearly 200 participants, including bishops and pastoral directors of the European Episcopal Conferences, will be meeting from today until 31 March in Barcelona to reflect together on the accompaniment ...

Online Resource of the Barcelona European Symposium in Twelve Points

A resource in twelve points on the accompaniment of young people has been published in view of the European Symposium (from March 28th to 31st). Prepared after an extensive consultation within a ...


The memory of St. John Bosco did not go unnoticed at the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, especially so shortly after the beginning of the preparations for the next Assembly of the Synod of ...


The letter sent to us by a teacher, with the drawing of her pupils for the upcoming World Youth Day that will be celebrated in Panama in 2019, came as a nice surprise. Among other things, the teacher, ...


  A reflection on last summer’s WYD in Krakow, to assess the organization and the fruits; the launch of new projects in view of the 2019 World Youth Day in Panama; and the preparation of the ...


“The most difficult questions come from young people.” In these words of Pope Francis, reported by Fr. Antonio Spadaro in Civiltà Cattolica no. 4000 and published today by the Corriere ...

Panama WYD

The official theme song of the 34th WYD, which will take place in the Central American country from 22 to 27 January 2019, was formally presented in Panama. The song—inspired by the words of the ...

The essay by Therese Hargot, lay observatory on affectivity (not completely) lost

At the base, there is the question: What have we made of sexual liberation conquered in the sixties? This is the starting point of Therese Hargot, 33-year-old a Belgian sexologist, graduate in ...

Panama 2019
Presentation of the logo for the next International WYD, to be held in this centralamerican country

A weekend of events in Panama: a prayer vigil and a day of celebration to welcome the Cross of the WYD and the icon of Mary Salus Populi Romani. Cardinal Farrell sends his greetings in a video message ...

A weekend of events in Panama: a prayer vigil and a day of celebration to welcome the Cross of the WYD and the icon of Mary Salus Populi Romani. Cardinal Farrell sends his greetings in a video message ...

A weekend of events in Panama: a prayer vigil and a day of celebration to welcome the Cross of the WYD and the icon of Mary Salus Populi Romani. Cardinal Farrell sends his greetings in a video message ...

Ecclesial movements

Fr. Daniel Ange, founder of the School of Evangelization “Jeunesse-Lumière” and some fifty young people from different countries visited the Dicastery on Monday morning, June 5th. The young people, ...

Fr. Daniel Ange, founder of the School of Evangelization “Jeunesse-Lumière” and some fifty young people from different countries visited the Dicastery on Monday morning, June 5th. The young people, ...

Czech Republic

From 15 to 20 August, a National Youth Meeting ( was held in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Fr. João Chagas, Head of our Dicastery’s Youth Office, was invited to the event. On 19 ...


Saturday, July 29th marked the end of Aparecida “Rota 300,” a missionary project that involved many young people. The initiative is part of a three-year pastoral project promoted by the Brazilian ...


During a press conference held in Panama, Msgr. Ulloa, Archbishop of Panama, announced, on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee, that the main celebrations of World Youth Day 2019 will take place ...


Young people from all over Asia have gathered in Yogyakarta on the island of Java, Indonesia for the 7th Asian Youth Day (2-6 August). They are being hosted by the Archdiocese of Semarang for this ...

Synod 2018

The International Seminar on the Condition of Youth, organized by the Secretariat of the Synod, opened this afternoon in Rome, in view of the XV Ordinary General Assembly of Bishops on Young People, ...

Movements - Communities
Pope Francis meets three thousand, young and less young members of the Shalom Catholic Community, on the anniversary of its foundation

Abandoning narcissism, getting out of one’s shell, giving oneself and entering into dialogue with the generation of the elderly who know how to convey the wisdom of life—that is the challenging ...

Associations and Movements
The meeting with the federal bureau was attended by the Secretary Fr. Awi Mello and Fr. Buontempo

In recent days, the Dicastery's Secretary, Father Alexandre Awi Mello, and Father Giovanni Buontempo, in charge of relations with the ecclesial movements and new communities, met with the Federal ...

A meeting with the organizing committee at the Dicastery. Archbishop Ulloa to young people: “Participate in the preparation of the Day”

“This World Youth Day will be very Marian and Central American.” The Secretary, Fr. Alexandre Awi Mello voiced this anticipation at the end of a meeting that took place a few days ago at our Dicastery ...


Pope Francis’ encounter with the earthquake victims in the Italian regions of Marche, Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo was opened with the Cross of the World Youth Day. Some young earthquake victims brought ...

Young People
Areas Affected by the Earthquake Among the Stages of the Pilgrimage of the World Youth Day Symbols

While Mexico digs into the rubble and weeps over those who died a few days ago in the tragic earthquake, the Pilgrimage of the World Youth Day symbols continues. It is significant that at a time of ...

WYD 2019
Panama continues organizing the event and expects the arrival of over 20,000 volunteers

The WYD cross and the icon of Mary “Salus Populi Romani” continue their pilgrimage through the countries of Central America and, after visiting Mexico and Cuba—where meetings and celebrations were ...

2018 Synod
Summary documents from many countries: You can also participate at the pre-synodal meeting, in March, through social media

The online portal with the questionnaire, the channels of the social networks, the Seminar on condition of youth last September but, above all, the first statistical data related to the online ...

Capo Verde
The head of the Youth Office met in this African country with young people and youth pastoral workers in ‘view of next year’s event

In the context of the preparations for the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment,” the Diocesan Secretariat for Youth Ministry in Santiago, ...

In Slovakia, a new two-year school of formation for young lay people has been launched

A new educational project for pastoral animators working with young people has been launched by the diocese of Nitra in collaboration with Constantine the Philosopher University: registration is open ...

Synod on Youth
The Conclusions of the International Seminar Organized by the Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops

Identity, planning, otherness, technology, transcendence: These are the keywords of the reflections at the International Seminar on the Condition of Youth held in recent days in the Auditorium of the ...

The Panama WYD at the Center of the First Latin American Congress on Pastoral Care of Tourism

“Tourism, Pilgrimage and Sustainable Development” is the theme of the First Latin American Congress on the Pastoral Care of Tourism, which is being held in Panama, at the Auditorium “Benjamin Ayechu” ...

Local Churches
The Archdiocese of Perugia proposes a series meetings for young people in preparation for 2018’s Synod

“Young & Holy” is the series of meetings for presenting to young people testimonies of their peers who lived and strived for holiness. This initiative is organized by the Archdiocese of ...

Canada: Today the Prefect Card. Farrell is the guest of Salt & Light TV to record the talk show to be broadcast on 22 October

Cardinal Kevin Farrell is in Canada today for a talk show at the TV studios of the Canadian Catholic Salt & Light Media. The show, with many young people around the theme of the Synod “Young ...

Conclusion of the meeting on WYD organized in collaboration with the Synod of Bishops

Bittersweet is the word that best describes the Palm Sunday celebration in St. Peter’s Square, on April 9th, when Pope Francis opened Holy Week with the Mass of the Lord’s Passion. This celebration is ...


In 2009, 17 young volunteers guided by the Centro San Lorenzo took the World Youth Day Cross to those affected by the earthquake in Aquila. It was a time of grace and intense consolation. Desiring ...


At the start of the extraordinary Holy Year of the Redemption 1983-84, Pope John Paul II decided to place a fourmetre high wooden cross in Saint Peter’s Basilica so that everyone could see it. At the ...

Experts from all over the world are discussing the course of affective-sexual education inspired by the Amoris Laetitia

Upgrading the experience of the Course in different environments, especially in view of the Dublin World Meeting of Families, and contributing to the 2018 Synod of Bishops on Youth. These are the ...

The story of Evelyn and Rolando and of their little Lourdes, born thanks to the intercession of St. John Paul II

The fruits that many young pilgrims of the WYD say they have received at the meetings throughout the world are countless, but when we read this story, we said: Why not ask Evelyn to write her ...

Ten years after the WYD celebrated in the most populous city of Oceania, the Church launches a Year of Youth

In these days, from 7 to 9 December, the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (#ACYF) is being held in Sydney. This event, promoted by the Australian Church, proposes the new generations an opportunity ...

Experts from around the world meet at the International Seminar on “The Meeting Point,” the course inspired by Amoris Laetitia

Two days of work were devoted to creating a platform for dialogue between experts on marriage, families, and young people, so that all may contribute to a multidisciplinary reflection on education to ...

Alongside the preparation for the 2018 Synod of Bishops and the organization of the National Youth Day, the National Youth Office is committed to offering accompaniment and training in the refugee camps

It is a very busy time for the National Youth Office of the Uganda Bishops’ Conference. We have received news about the efforts being made to collect responses to the Questionnaire prepared by the ...

The Secretary, Fr. Awi Mello, in Madrid for the Salesian’s International Congress on Youth Ministry and Family

“The miracle of the salvation of young people does not happen without Jesus but—in general—it does not happen without a family either; it does not happen without a father, a mother, brothers, and ...

The message of Cardinal Prefect Farrell to the participants at the International Catholic Conference of Scouting

“Always be conscious that time and energy spent on the formation of the spirit, mind and character of young people is the best investment in the future of the Church and civil society as a whole. ...

Local Churches
A visit to Holy Shroud will be an excellent stage for young people on pilgrimage in Rome

The subalpine dioceses are promoting a pilgrimage to Rome for young people. The program, scheduled for 9 August, for young people from 16 to 30, from the 17 dioceses of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta will ...

WYD 2017
Message of His Holyness Pope Francis for the 32nd World Youth Day

Today, 21 March 2017, the Holy Father’s Message to young people has been published. The Message is in preparation for the 32nd World Youth Day in 2017 which will be celebrated at the diocesan level on ...

The meeting of Father Chagas with Fr. Fornos and Fr. Ramirez of the Apostolate of Prayer at the General Curia of the Jesuits

A few days ago, Father João Chagas, head of our Dicastery’s Youth Office, met with Fr. Frédéric Fornos and Fr. Luis Ramirez, respectively director and assistant of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network ...

Pope Francis
The video message sent by the Pope on the occasion of the talk show on the Synod with the Prefect Card. Kevin Farrell in Toronto

“Do not let your youth be stolen from you. Do not allow anyone to slow and obscure the light that Christ puts in your face and in your heart. Be weavers of relationships signed by trust, by sharing, ...

Local Churches
The Dicastery’s official Fr. Guillermo Gutiérrez to meet teachers, leaders, and young people in Mexico

The Mexican Bishops’ Conference has organized two meetings for today in the diocese of Querétaro to reflect on the indications offered by the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia on educational ...

Cardinal Bagnasco’s Inaugural Address at the Plenary of the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences

“If we remove the cover of the disturbing tale, we find that life, true life, is bustling, the life of those many simple people which carries on from day-to-day with dignity, which cares for the ...

A manual for smartphones available in three languages will be presented in Panama

Is the embryo only a clot of cells?  Are prenatal diagnosis techniques acceptable?  Who can judge the value of life?  Is assisted reproduction the only alternative in the event of ...

WYD 2019

On the day the Holy Father arrived in Panama, the WYD was in full swing with the activities of the pilgrim groups:   catechesis, meantime, a profitable dialogue among the young people and ...

Young People
Video interview with the Secretary of the Dicastery on the eve of the Panama gathering. Expectations and interrelationship with the Synod on Young People and the next international Forum in June

Just before leaving for Panama, Father Alexandre Awi Mello  answers some questions on the encounter of the young people attending the WYD with the people and the Church of Central America.  ...

JMJ Panama
Ecological Conversion in Action

Helping young people to become aware of the challenges highlighted by Pope Francis in the Encyclical Letter Laudato si’ and find ways to promote a culture for safeguarding Creation are the themes at ...

After the Synod of Bishops and the forthcoming World Youth Day in Panama, the Dicastery for Laity Family and Life has announced that an International Youth Forum is to be convened next June on the reception and continuation of the Synodal journey

On the eve of the World Youth Day (Panama, 22-27 January 2019), the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life has announced an initiative related to the impact of the Synod of Bishops on young people, the ...


Expectations related to this now imminent event and above all in relation to Pope Francis’ meeting with the young people from all the continents; how the World Youth Day in Panama can be an ...

The comment
Renato Cursi and Fr. Fabio Attard tell about the Salesians’ experience in the light of the Synod and on the horizon of an authentic “connection” with the young

“Religion and especially Christianity is in seriously poor health. With some noteworthy exceptions, young adults no longer identify or practice religion. [...] Religion is dying, and Europe is ...

Middle East
Salvatore Martinez: “It will be a reference point for pilgrims and a place for diffusing the teaching on the family”

Set on a hill, on a site that covers 15,000 square meters, there will be a house for pilgrims with 103 family-sized rooms, a home for refugees and the poor, a church, and a structure with auditoriums ...


“May it be done to me according to your word” is the title of the hymn of the Panamanian World Youth Days presented last year. The different versions and linguistic arrangements have now been ...

Lecture at a seminar at the Pontifical Lateran University

“We need educators who have the courage of the truth and know how to accompany young people in their personal and vocational discernment. Another fundamental aspect is the need to make young people ...

Delegates from over 80 countries will gather in Panama City to discuss in detail the programme of the upcoming World Youth Day Panama 2019

The delegates representing bishops’ conferences from over 80 countries and about 35 international movements and communities will gather in Panama City from 6th till 9th of June to discuss the latest ...


During the first days of the 2nd Preparatory Meeting, members of the WYD Local Organising Committee, leaders of the Catholic Church in Panama and representatives of the highest state authorities ...


  “Young people were at the origin of many ecclesial movements;” “the ecclesial movements” have a “long work experience working with the youth;” “the ecclesial movements actively involve ...

Prefect Farrell’s video message to the participants at the second international preparatory meeting

“You have worked hard, prepared this moment, this commitment is in the hands of the Holy Spirit, who will show us where to go. I would have liked, I wanted very much to be with you personally during ...

Emmanuel Community passes the torch to the Shalom Catholic Community who will look after “San Lorenzo” Centre in the near future

On 27th June, Fr. Alexandre Awi Mello Secretary of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life presided the Solemn Mass closing the academic year in the International Youth Centre “San Lorenzo” in ...


Press Office of the Holy See confirmed that Pope Francis will visit Panama to celebrate 34. World Youth Day. His visit is scheduled from January 23rd to 27th, 2019. During the special celebration held ...

International version of the WYD Theme Song “May it be done to me according to your word” performed in 5 languages encourages young people from the whole world to pray together the words of Mary

Catholic communities and musicians from different continents worked together to prepare the multilingual version of the WYD 2019 Theme Song. The original Spanish lyrics, written by the Panamanian ...

The Genfest in Manila challenges the young to be global men and women

Love, start again and share are the three words proposed by the Focolare President Maria Voce on the day after the closing of the eleventh edition of the Genfest, the international festival of the ...

For the first time in Lviv (Ukraine), a forum of the representatives from the various youth ministries of both the Latin Rite and Ukrainian Greek Rite Catholics has been celebrated

“Young Catholics in Ukraine share the same dreams and experiences, no matter whether they are Latin Rite or Ukrainian Greek Rite Catholics. First of all, they long to build closer ties with the ...

Keeping the great event celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, in 2013, alive in the memory young people around the world, accompanying them step by step to the next in Panama

Since 2014, the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro commemorates the anniversary of 2013 WYD celebrated in Rio, with the aim of encouraging the participation of young people in the next edition of WYD. This ...

World Meeting of Families

Isaac Withers, representative of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales at the 2018 Synod, is the youngest of five siblings. At the Pastoral Congress of the Dublin World Meeting of Families ...

World Meeting of Families

“In marriage preparation, we try to balance the call to love one another with the innate call to welcome the gift of children. Planning a family together is a great privilege.” Card. Vincent Nichols, ...

Associations and movements
The movement “Encuentros de Promoción Juvenil” met in Arizona to celebrate its anniversary and renew its commitment

The Apostolic Exhortation “Gaudete et exsultate” was the theme on which the 16th US International Meeting of the movement “Encuentros de Promoción Juvenil”, which coincided with its 50th ...


Over four hundred young Cubans will participate in the World Youth Day in Panama (22-27 January 2019). For the Cuban Church, this presence is a record. Thus, for the first time, young people will be ...

Towards the WYD
A few months before the World Youth Day, Archbishop Ulloa shares his expectations regarding the meeting young people from around the world

In Panama the preparations for the next World Youth Day are strongly advancing, accompanied by prayers for the young people from around the world who will meet Pope Francis and the Central American ...

Associations and Movements
The 2018 edition of the Catholic Action’s formation project for engaged and young married couples is launched

The 2018 edition of “Disegni di affettività” (Designs of Affectivity), an initiative of the Italian Catholic Action for engaged and young married couples, now in its tenth year, will start tomorrow in ...

The president of the Republic of Panama has signed a Decree which will facilitate the visa application process for WYD 2019 in countries in which Panama does not have a consular representation

According to the procedure presented in the Decree, participants in WYD will be able to apply for a special visa for the upcoming WYD through the website of the National Immigration Service of Panama. ...

Ecclesial Movements
The contribution of ecclesial movements to the Synod on the Young

On June 19th, the Annual meeting of the Dicastery with the general moderators of the lay associations, the ecclesial movements and of the new communities was held in the Palazzo San Calisto. During ...


“The San Lorenzo Center is a privileged place for youth initiatives. We want to start prayer groups, vigils, and activities, but we are also open to other youth initiatives. We invite the young people ...

Towards the Synod of the Young
Thousands of students from Romanian Catholic high schools are participating in a national educational program

“It seems like smartphones and tablets have always existed, but they appeared just over a decade ago. Moreover, they are not—as we are led to believe—empty boxes but full jars and a multitude of ...

Towards the Synod
Among the objectives of the meeting that ends tomorrow, more formation and development of a critical spirit

The National Council of the Laity of Brazil (CNLB) is organizing, for its young members, a national meeting that will be held in the Sagrada Família formation center, in São Paulo, with the aim of ...

From Japan
A story of love and friendship, where technology serves to ask: “What’s your name?”

A “simple and beautiful” story of friendship, in which technology is a tool for getting to know the other person, while destined to leave room for the memory of the heart and an urgent question: ...

Young people and affectivity
In the context of Family Week, a convention was held in Rome on affectivity and sexuality attended by Undersecretary Gambino

To focus on the “integral education” of young people, to accompany them in  understanding their identity as an individual composed of body and soul called upon to live their relationships with ...


The Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life has provided the Synod Fathers, gathered together in Rome at this time,  with a set of the reports presented by the Ecclesial Movements on the ...

World Youth Hope
Extract from the conference on young people and new technologies in Romanian high schools

We are publishing the talk Marco Busati, who cooperates with our Dicastery and is the  Director of Hope, is  giving in high schools in  Cluj, Blaj, Oradea and Bucarest this month, in ...

The statements of our Secretary, Alexandre Awi Mello and Father João Chagas on the Synod in progress

Kevin Farrell, Prefect,  Alexandre Awi Mello, Secretary and Father Joao Chagas from the Youth Office of the Dicastery are all attending the Synod of Young People on the matter of “Young People, ...


We have chosen some ‘pearls’ on the three parts of the Instrumentum laboris from the “small groups” which show the unique connection between the family pastoral mission and that of young people. Above ...

The Synod Meeting focussing on young people has ended; the homily of Pope Francis, the Final Document, the Bishops’ Letter.

Three parts, 12 chapters, 167 paragraphs, 60 pages, this is the composition of the Final Document of the XV General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the theme “  Young People, the Faith and ...

Pope Francis
In “the Wisdom of Time” a new vision of the reality of older people and their role in the future of young people

The response to the culture of waste and the generation gap is dialogue between the young and older people: this is Pope Francis’ idea at the base of the  project Sharing The Wisdom Of Time, ...

A few days after the end of the Youth Synod, the Vicariate of Rome has proposed a meeting on the recent experience of ecclesial communion

Today, the Cardinal Vicar, Angelo De Donatis will recount his experience of the Synod at the Pontifical Major Roman Seminary during a meeting called “After the Synod, the Challenge in Educating the ...

Young People
Today, the Diocese of Rome opens the Meeting of young people in love

This afternoon the “Meeting of Young People in Love” will open, an appointment promoted by the Centre for Family Pastoral Care of the Diocese of Rome on the theme “Born to Love.  Whom can I make ...

Pope Francis
The Pope’s Video Message in preparation for the WYD to be held in Panama has been released

“There are many young people, believers and non-believers who, when they have finished studying, show a desire to help others, to do something for those who are suffering.  This is the strength ...


Registrations – at least 150 thousand only from Latin America – the Pope – who “ is very excited” now the event is getting closer –, Panama – “an open and welcoming city” –, and the encyclical ...

Press conference on 13th December at the Dicastery: a theme park to be set up in Panama

On 13 December at 10.30 a.m., our Dicastery will be hosting the official presentation of the new JC GO languages, the APP, developed by the  Fundaciòn Ramòn Pané modelled after Pokémon Go, a ...

Local Churches

The official announcement reached us from the Episcopal Conference a few days ago: 2019 will be the Year of Youth in The Philippines and the bishops have described this initiative as part of the ...

Young People

For the past few days, Father Alexandre Awi Mello, Secretary of our Dicastery, was in Panama along with Father João Chagas, Head of the Youth Office, joining in the preparations for World Youth Day to ...

Young People
The proposals of the French dioceses for all those who cannot be at the WYD in January

It’s a long way away. For many, the journey is too expensive. And for students January is a time of school exams. For these reasons, with the intention of allowing young French people to live the ...

After the Synod
In a Roman parish, the Synod Father, Monsignor Frisina recounted his experiences

“Accompany young people, walk beside them in their history, enter into their dynamics as Saint Giovanni Bosco preached”. It was in this way that Monsignor Marco Frisina, Synod Father and Choir ...

The Dicastery hosted a press conference yesterday in the presence of the Secretary, Father Awi

Another four language versions (Italian, English, French and Portuguese) of  “Follow JC Go!”, the App for mobile phones, were presented yesterday,  – available only in Spanish up to now – ...

Local Churches

The national pilgrimage of young Brazilians to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida will take place on 27 April on the theme “Mary, passion for life and for the Lord of life” and will gather ...

In a meeting with journalists, Archbishop Ulloa described the situation a month away from the WYD

Pope Francis will bring to Panama a message of “hope” to the young people of Central America, above all “to those who are victims of violence, those who are forced to emigrate, those who have been ...

From the Italian Bishops’ Conference, an interactive project to explore the ambitions, hopes, and fears of the young under 30

#Velodicoio, the new portal dedicated to listening to young people, is online. This is an interactive project conceived by the National Youth Pastoral Service of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI) ...

Just one year until the WYD: Preparations are now lively, with a meeting in Stuttgart

Putting the spotlights on young people is also on the Dicastery’s agenda for 2018. With the aim of reflecting together on “how to plan youth ministry in the Movement, to bring young people closer to ...

The members of the “San Calisto Platform” created in connection with the project “The Meeting Point” are elaborating a proposal of affective education that will be presented at the Dublin World Meeting of Families

Last November, the Dicastery created the San Calisto Platform, composed of the experts of “The Meeting Point,” a course of affective and sexual education inspired by Amoris Laetitia that was presented ...

Ten prayer and formation meetings promoted by the Shalom Community to prepare young people for the Synod and the World Youth Day in Panama

Ten prayer meetings, with moments of adoration and formation, will be held in Rome’s Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, in preparation for the Synod of Bishops 2018 and the World Youth Day in ...

Family and New Technologies
The report of the International Center for Family Studies: “The Social Networks, Valid Support”

The favorite social network of families is WhatsApp, where most of the family connections are present (82%). On Facebook, however, they are just over one half (51.4%). The instant messaging ...

Associations and Movements
The International Congress of Spiritual Assistants of the European Scouting Federation focuses on the ecclesial dimension and the pastoral consequences of the Holy See’s recognition

Father José Guillermo Gutiérrez Fernández, an official of the Dicastery, spoke a few days ago at the International Congress of Spiritual Assistants of the Federation of European Scouting. The meeting ...

In the Osservatore Romano, an interview with the Secretary, Father Alexandre Awi Mello: “Rarely in the history of the Church have young people been so much at the center of worries, reflections, and ecclesial action”

The next edition of the WYD will be “under the sign of Mary. We must continue learning from her to be a Church that is a Mother who trusts in the potentialities of her children, accompanies them, ...

Towards the Synod
An international congress in view of the Synod held at the Salesian Pontifical University

“Youth and Life Choices: Educational Perspectives” is the theme of the international congress that will be held in Rome in September just before the celebration of October’s Synod of Bishops on ...

On the Way to Panama
The gesture on a tablet, at the end of the Angelus: Francis is the first pilgrim of the world meeting of the young in Panama

Pope Francis has opened the registration for the Panama World Youth Day. Yesterday, after the Angelus in St. Peter's Square, he was the first pilgrim to register for next January’s event. The choice ...

Prayer for the Young
Prayer meetings continue in preparation for the Synod on young people

On Pope Francis's request for “great harmony between the journey towards the Panama WYD and the synodal path,” the Shalom Community, with the patronage of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life ...

Young People and the CCEE
Cardinal Farrell meets with the Youth Commission of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences

In recent days, Cardinal Farrell received a delegation of the Youth Commission of the Council of the Bishops' Conferences of Europe (CCEE), in view of a fruitful collaboration between the Dicastery ...

A project launched by Saint-Jean-Marie Vianney Lausanne and Caritas Jerusalem to encourage prayer for peace

A million and a half rosaries, made by needy families in Bethlehem, will be given to the young people preparing for the Panama WYD to encourage them to pray for peace. This project entitled “AveJmj,” ...

The pre-synodal meeting that will bring together 300 young people from all over the world as protagonists, from 19 to 24 March, was presented. The call to contribute through social networks.

On the anniversary of the beginning of his Petrine ministry, on March 19th, Pope Francis will open the work of the pre-synodal meeting that will bring together 300 young people from all over the world ...

Pope Francis
The invitation to not be afraid, the importance of the name, the grace of God, and the courage in the present: these are the four cardinal points of Pope Francis’ Message for WYD 2018

“Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God” (Lk 1:30) is the theme of Pope Francis’ Message to the young people preparing for the XXXIII World Youth Day 2018, which will be celebrated ...

Pope Francis
The Pope’s words to the young people and the elderly of the Roman parish of Saint Gelasius in Ponte Mammolo

“Life is a little like this afternoon because sometimes the sun shines, but sometimes clouds come, it rains, and the weather is bad. Know that there are good times and bad times in life. What should a ...


Dear friends, as Pope Francis has said, “Every young person has something to say to the Church, to the bishops and to the Pope!” That is why three hundred of your contemporaries from around the world ...

Pope Francis has decided that Sandra Sabattini, the young volunteer of the Community John XXIII who died in an accident in 1984, will be venerable

In recent days, Pope Francis, in addition to paving the way for the canonization of Paul VI and the martyr Archbishop Oscar Romero, has authorized the promulgation of a long list of decrees including ...

The report on the situation from Togo, Benin, and Ivory Coast

In several African countries, as the French daily La Croix tells us, youth associations and chaplaincies are at work preparing for the Youth Synod to be held next October in Rome. In the dioceses of ...

Pope Francis: "There is no youth; there are young people with their stories that the Church wants to hear”

“What are you looking for in your life? Say it; it will do us good to listen to you.” Pope Francis addressed these words to the young people from around the world who are participating, at the ...

Today the Via Crucis will be presided by Prefect Farrell for the young people gathered for the pre-Synodal meeting

Today, Prefect Kevin Farrell will preside over the Via Crucis that will set out from the cloister of the Basilica of St. John Lateran and go through the streets of Rome. This is one of the events ...

Local Churches
From the Archdiocese of Palermo, a document based on the experiences gathered by pastoral care workers compared with the documents of the Church

After long elaboration, the Family Ministry Office of the Archdiocese of Palermo has presented the document “For a Diocesan Itinerary of Marriage Preparation.” The text is the result of the collection ...

Way of the cross
Conclusive meditation by prefect Kevin Farrell

Dear young people, This evening, we have retraced the painful journey towards the death on the cross that Jesus lived through in the last hours of his earthly life. And we reflected on the human pain ...

Pope Francis has recognized that the 16-year-old Slovak girl was killed in 1944 “in defensum castitatis”

Anna Kolesárová will be beatified: Pope Francis officially recognized her martyrdom in defense of bodily chastity, thus paving the way for the beatification of the young Slovak from the diocese of ...

Easter greetings of the Dicastery’s Secretary, Father Alexandre Awi Mello

“May this Easter be a time of renewal for everyone and for the Church through the family and the young!” This is the wish that the Dicastery’s Secretary, Father Alexandre Awi Mello, addresses to ...

Local Churches
Video interview with Primate Anthony Fisher: “Joy is shared with the world”

The Church in Sydney is very excited about the two upcoming major events: the World Meeting of Families and the World Youth Day. “We are preparing for the event in Dublin—explains the Metropolitan ...

The testimony of Dewi Praswida, a young Muslim from Indonesia who participated in the Pre-Synod Meeting

“March 19, 2018 is a day that will never be forgotten in the course of my life. Who would have thought me, Muslim women from the border region of Central Java with East Java can shake hands directly ...

A Seminar on Youth, Faith, and Vocational Discernment at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum

“Vocation = Gift of Life” is the theme of the study seminar between the synods on the family and the synod on young people that will be held on 11 and 12 May at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina ...

Bishop Chung: “More than 500 young people from Korea will come to Panama”

“We will be more than 500 people from Korea to participate in the World Youth Day in Panama. It will be wonderful to see so many young people from all over the world celebrate the joy of unity in the ...

Local Churches
Bishop Mercado: “Young people and families, an educational alliance that flourishes in the parish”

“All have been baptized, but many have not been catechized”—starting with this point, H.E. Msgr. Jesse E. Mercado, the Bishop of Parañaque—in the Archdiocese of Manila, Philippines—, in an interview ...

At the Dicastery, a meeting of the delegation of the World Youth Day organizing committee

“We have an appointment to continue dreaming of a different world: January 2019.” The Archbishop of Panama, José Domingo Ulloa, said this in a video interview with us after the General Audience on 18 ...

San Calisto Community
At the Dicastery, the second international seminar of the network of experts studying the educational programs in the emotional-sexual field

On 4 and 5 May, the San Calisto Community held its second international seminar at our Dicastery, to study proposals and interventions in the field of affective and sexual education in the light of ...

The letter from the Archbishop of Chieti in view of the Synod of Bishops dedicated to young people

“I’m not writing to tell you what you have to do but to invite you to dream. Of course, if you know how to dream, your life will gradually become the most beautiful thing you can dream.” The ...

WYD Panama 2019
The last pages of the diary of this extraordinary adventure that this World Youth Day has been

Saturday. “Vigil” is not “the day before, the eve, but in ancient use, the  fact of keeping watch,  of paying attention to everything that is about to happen, the preparation, also ...

Young People
On the eve of the World Youth Day in Panama (22-27 January) preparations for those travelling and initiatives for those remaining

Fifteen bishops and 900 young people; this is the Italian group attending the Panama meeting that will end with the visit of Pope Francis. However, already on January 16th, five hundred young people ...


At the end of the meeting of the National Delegates for Youth Ministry and the University of the European Episcopal Conferences held in Rome last week, a new European symposium on young people was ...


Interviewed by Rainews24  for the TV programme  “#Nonsolo8marzo” (Not only 8th March), Linda Ghisoni invites all young women to listen to themselves, to be themselves: “In each of us there ...

The meetings will be an opportunity to enrich the spirituality and motivation of the young people working for the Holy Father, to set up networks and face together the challenges and hopes of the new generation of employees

The Labour Office of the Apostolic See (“ULSA”), together with the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, is organizing a formation course for young people up to 35 years old working at various ...

The Apostolic Exhortation Christus vivit, published on 2nd April, invites us to reflect, together with the Holy Father, on the role of all young people in the Church and in today’s society and on each one’s vocation to holiness

The document Christus vivit is yet another gesture of the Holy Father’s love for young people, the gesture of a Pope who allows himself to be inspired by the new generations, recognizing in them the ...

WYD 2019

Thursday. The Pope is here, in Panama and the city woke up today knowing the long wait had finished and the time to meet him had actually come. During the catechesis in the morning, you could feel the ...