The Prefect

Prefect Farrell’s message to the XXIII National Meeting on Family Pastoral Care organized by the Episcopal Conference of Guatemala

“Never ignore the fact that every person includes a concrete and individual reality which we must understand, just as we need to focus our pastoral efforts  on the experiences of the members of ...

Cardinal K. Farrell inaugurated the new offices of the Dicastery with a Holy Mass: “Everything we do is for the love of Him. We see Him in the people who receive, to whom we talk or to whom we simply write.” Jesus is the centre of everything, including our work in these premises

The offices of the Dicastery for the Laity Family and Life were inaugurated and blessed with the celebration of the Holy Mass, where the staff of the two previous Pontifical Councils are now also ...

An intense day of listening and exchanging experiences of the formation of Christifideles throughout the world

Yesterday was an intense day of work at the international meeting on the promotion and formation of lay faithful organized by the Dicastery: the “best practices” of countries in North America and ...

“Broadening our understanding of the current conditions of the lay faithful” and “extending our gaze to the ever more secularized corners of society that are easily overlooked when discussing the life of the Church"

This afternoon in Rome, Card. Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, introduced the work and explained the objectives of the international meeting on “Promotion and ...

Associations and Movements
Prefect Farrell’s message to the families of the Renewal in the Spirit gathered in Pompeii for the 11th Pilgrimage

“You are the people who make Jesus present in the world, in your small one, noiselessly, by giving and receiving love for others. This is how marriage and the family are built, and human life, ...


The great Mass of families with the Pope; Cardinal Farrell’s gratitude for the teaching of Amoris Laetitia as a proclamation of tender love. The baton of the World Meeting of Families is passed on.

World Meeting of Families

In the face of the “many opinions and ideologies contrary to the Christian vision of the family,” the only valid argument is the “factum,” that is the reality of “serenity, inner joy, and personal ...

Interview of Prefect Farrell with the Italian Bishops’ press agency

“We hope that thanks to the Meeting, families will be able to acquire a more intense awareness of their vocation, which is to bear witness of joy before the world in spite of all the difficulties that ...

This is the title of the contribution of Cardinal Farrell to the thick Dossier of Pastoral Life prepared for the World Meeting of Families

If “the family is a factory of hope, the most beautiful thing God has done,” as Pope Francis said in Philadelphia, is making it the sign of the beauty and joy of love (Amoris Laetitia) that “the ...

Mistero grande
Cardinal Farrell’s at the 8th National Conference of the Project “Grande Mistero”

Hundreds of families have, for years, gravitated around—and are the protagonists of—a great project built on these pillars: the family is an active agent of pastoral care, an agent building up the ...