The Secretary

Women and Work

On May 4th, Fr. Alexandre Awi Mello introduced the conference on "The Added Value of Women between Business, Family and Society." The Secretary of the Dicastery offered an articulate ...

Easter greetings of the Dicastery’s Secretary, Father Alexandre Awi Mello

“May this Easter be a time of renewal for everyone and for the Church through the family and the young!” This is the wish that the Dicastery’s Secretary, Father Alexandre Awi Mello, addresses to ...

Activities of the Dicastery
The meeting with the executive council of the Christian Life Community

The Executive Council of the Christian Life Community, led by President Mauricio Lopez Oropeza, met Prefect Kevin Farrell, Secretary Alexandre Awi Mello and Linda Ghisoni, Undersecretary for the ...

Activities of the Dicastery
The meeting with the secretariat of the International Forum of Catholic Action

A few days ago, the secretariat of the International Catholic Action Forum, in Rome for its yearly meeting, met Father Alexandre Awi Mello, Secretary of the Dicastery, Linda Ghisoni, Undersecretary ...

Associations and Movements
In Castelgandolfo “The great attraction of modern times,” the first of the events dedicated to Chiara Lubich on the tenth anniversary of her death

A few days ago, Father Alexandre Awi Mello, Secretary of the Dicastery, participated in the event “The great attraction of modern times”, that was organized at the Mariapolis Center in Castelgandolfo ...

In the Osservatore Romano, an interview with the Secretary, Father Alexandre Awi Mello: “Rarely in the history of the Church have young people been so much at the center of worries, reflections, and ecclesial action”

The next edition of the WYD will be “under the sign of Mary. We must continue learning from her to be a Church that is a Mother who trusts in the potentialities of her children, accompanies them, ...

Associations and Movements
At the Dicastery, a meeting with the international delegation of the International Military Apostolate

A few days ago, the Secretary Fr. Alexandre Awi Mello, together with the officials in charge of ecclesial aggregations Mr. Philip Milligan and Fr. Giovanni Buontempo met representatives of the AMI ...

A meeting with the organizing committee at the Dicastery. Archbishop Ulloa to young people: “Participate in the preparation of the Day”

“This World Youth Day will be very Marian and Central American.” The Secretary, Fr. Alexandre Awi Mello voiced this anticipation at the end of a meeting that took place a few days ago at our Dicastery ...

News from the Dicastery
The first edition of our Dicastery’s newsletter, available every month and in five languages, is online

Extraordinary events such as Pope Francis’ visit to the Dicastery, the engagements of the Prefect Cardinal Kevin Farrell, the activities of the Secretary Father Alexandre Awi Mello, the appointment of ...

The Secretary, Fr. Awi Mello, in Madrid for the Salesian’s International Congress on Youth Ministry and Family

“The miracle of the salvation of young people does not happen without Jesus but—in general—it does not happen without a family either; it does not happen without a father, a mother, brothers, and ...