Pope Francis
In the words chosen by the Pope for the feast days, the themes of family and life are constantly and concretely evoked

The year just begun “opens in the name of the Mother of God.” Mary, placing herself as a mother between her son Jesus and people, carries out “a very special function.” Furthermore, “all parents” are ...

The story of Evelyn and Rolando and of their little Lourdes, born thanks to the intercession of St. John Paul II

The fruits that many young pilgrims of the WYD say they have received at the meetings throughout the world are countless, but when we read this story, we said: Why not ask Evelyn to write her ...

The Ad Limina Visit of the Hungarian Bishops to the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life

The challenges are those of all European countries, especially of those that, in recent decades, have come out from behind the iron curtain and are faced with the transition from communism to ...

Pontifical Academy for Life
Pope Francis’s Message to the participants at the Meeting of the World Medical Association on end-of-life issues: “Fighting Pain and Loneliness”

“The categorical imperative is to never abandon the sick”. All are called to “give love in his or her own way—as a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, a brother or sister, a doctor or a nurse. But ...

Linda Ghisoni for the Section of the Laity, and Gabriella Gambino for the Section of Life

Today, Pope Francis named as new Undersecretaries to the Dicastery two women, Linda Ghisoni to Section for the Laity, and Gabriella Gambino to the Section for Life. Linda Ghisoni, born in the province ...

Pope Francis
The Holy Father’s Chirograph: “Do not be afraid, expand the horizons, and go out to listen to the reality of the people”

Today, Pope Francis visited the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life. Just a few days after the meeting with the Pontifical Foundation “Scholas Occurrentes,” Francis returned to Palazzo San ...

FederVitaMarche proposes a cycle of formative events for those working in the Life Help Centers and Pro-Life Movements

Educators, workers, and volunteers of the Life Help Centers and the Pro-Life Movement in the Marches are especially invited to the course “Training to Educate to Encounter,” promoted by ...

Academy for Life
At the Vatican Museums, 12 works of an artistic path reflecting the beauty of human relationships

Accompaniment of the suffering, care for the sick, and the relationship between generations are not only at the center of the XXIII General Assembly of the Academy for Life that was held a few days ...

A small reflection upon the magisterium of the Holy Father Roncalli

Even though the family was not one of the principle themes of Saint John XXIII’s pontificate, there are actually many texts where the new saint refers to the family. Above all we see the family ...

Address of Pope Francis to the participants at the General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life

A mission that is “difficult, yet also exhilarating,” is set against a horizon, where “there is no shortage of men and women of good will, scholars included, with differing approaches to religion and ...