A manual for smartphones available in three languages will be presented in Panama

Is the embryo only a clot of cells?  Are prenatal diagnosis techniques acceptable?  Who can judge the value of life?  Is assisted reproduction the only alternative in the event of ...

From over 40 associations of Christian inspiration a “manifesto” to recognize the value of the unborn child, expressed through pregnancy and motherhood

It is around the principle enshrined  in Article 3 (“Everyone has the right to life”) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – that has recently celebrated its  70th anniversary – that ...

Undersecretary Gambino’s message to the International Seminar on Rare Diseases

“Medicine cannot be reduced to a mere technological exercise of knowledge and scientific and professional skills, or to protocols and guidelines agreed on among interested parties. Instead, it ...

Local churches

A document – the second in just a few weeks – on the themes of sexuality, gender and the so-called gender ideology, also in regard to the cultural and political debate going on in Argentina. It has ...

From Humanae Vitae to Amoris Laetitia
Prefect Farrell’s message to the congress organized by Africa Family Life Foundation

“Our perspective must be that of Christ and his loving concern for each of us, our language that of the Holy spirit , driving us towards others not with words but with simplicity and reference to ...

JP2 Institute
The start of the new biennium for the Master’s Degree promoted jointly with the Bioethics Institute of the Catholic University

The Pontifical Institute for the Family - with its 35 years of anthropological studies on the truth about man and about  woman, on love, on marriage and the family, on the light in Cristian ...


“God is a ‘lover of life’, for this reason “we must say to all the men and women in the world: do not despise life!”. Pope Francis during the general audience in his catechesis on the Fifth ...

Humanae Vitae

 “Regulation of Human Fertility in the Light of Humanae Vitae” is the title of the new book prefaced by Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, Archbishop of Valencia, and edited by Justo Aznar, Director of ...

Local Churches

On September 15th in Curitiba, the capital of Paraná, there will be a Pro-Life Demonstration. The event is mobilized by the Archdiocese of Curitiba and hundreds of associations and entities of the ...

After the rejection of abortion reform in Argentina, hardly scientific words published by the medical journal

 “Catholic Church vs. women’s rights in Argentina” is the title of the editorial of the British medical journal The Lancet in its issue of August 18th. It refers to the events surrounding the ...