04 November 2017
The Dicastery’s Activities

From Women for Other Women

Encounters with women ambassadors to understand the most pressing challenges of the “pink” universe

The challenges and needs of women in their countries and the major issues to be addressed in the near future were discussed in recent days by Miroslava Vargas, Panama’s ambassador to the Holy See, and Ana Rita Mancini, wife of the ambassador of Italy to the Holy See, during a meeting held at our Dicastery with the officials Grazia Villani and Marta Rodríguez.

The aim—explains Marta Rodríguez, head of the Women's Office—was to “listen to women ambassadors, so that future activities may be better planned.” This meeting, she adds, was “the first in a series of encounters with women ambassadors from whom we hope to receive impulses to improve our mission in the service of the Church.” In the same vein, a similar meeting was held at the Embassy of Argentina with the Minister Maria Julia Rodríguez de Mas.