19 October 2017

Training to Educate to Encounter

FederVitaMarche proposes a cycle of formative events for those working in the Life Help Centers and Pro-Life Movements

Educators, workers, and volunteers of the Life Help Centers and the Pro-Life Movement in the Marches are especially invited to the course “Training to Educate to Encounter,” promoted by FederVitaMarche in Loreto (Ancona). The next meeting will be on October 28th, with psychologist Fabio Geminiani, who will speak on several issues, including the need to recognize one’s identity in order to live the serenity of the encounter, social stereotypes linked to identity, the need for individuality, and the values at stake in human sexuality.

Amoris Laetitia will be the leitmotiv of the meeting, on December 2nd, with Fr Aldo Bonaiuto who will discuss sexual education in the context of education to love and mutual self-giving.

Daniela Sensini, pro-life movement youth director, specialized in communication sciences, will hold the last meeting on the art of communicating and the best strategies for effectiveness of relational, interpersonal and intrapersonal bonds.

The course was launched by the intervention of Marina Casini, a researcher at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, professor of bioethics, and daughter of Carlo Casini, the founder of the pro-life movement, who said in a recent interview published by Famiglia Cristiana that all his children “are ‘heirs’ in the service of life, with which they fully identify.”

For information and registration: federvitamarche@gmail.com