23 November 2017
Women’s Office

The Attention of the Dicastery to the Female World

Among the activities of the Women's Office of the Dicastery, there were two meetings this week. In Rome, the office head, Marta Rodriguez, attended a formation session of the World Union for Catholic Women's Organizations, one of the most active historical international associations, created as the “International Catholic Organization” at the beginning of the last century.

The aim of the meeting, which took place on the morning of Tuesday, 21 November, was to address the theme of the WUCWO’s mission as a voice to awaken and offer a specific contribution to the Church, as a women's organization. Nataša Govekar, head of the Department of Theology and Pastoral of the Secretariat for Communications, also participated in this meeting.

The other meeting, also held in Rome, in the afternoon of the same day, was a cultural initiative promoted by the Israeli Embassy to the Holy See and the Women's Association in the Vatican.

The aim was to discuss the role of women in the contemporary society, listening to voices of different religions. Oren David, Ambassador of Israel to the Holy See, introduced the meeting. Marta Rodriguez, speaking as a Catholic voice, gave a lecture entitled “Women, Cultures and Religions,” and an Israeli speaker presented her vision of the situation.