15 November 2017

Let’s Talk Family: The Fourth Podcast is on the Official Hymn

The protagonist of this audio file, downloadable for free, is the composer Ephrem Feeley

This week too, we are heading towards the Dublin World Families Meeting to the sound of a podcast.

On this fourth appointment with the series “Let’s Talk Family,” Brenda Drumm, Communications Manager of the Dublin Archdiocese for this event, speaks with Ephrem Feeley, the composer of “A Joy for all the World,” the Meeting’s official hymn. You can listen to it here.

The free online file also contains some news and tidbits, including the choice of the Hyland family from the Broken Bay Diocese (Sydney), delegated by Australia for the WMOF, and registration number 1,000 for the Meeting.

More info at www.worldmeeting2018.ie.