25 February 2018

Good Practices for Renewed Family Policies

In Bucharest, a conference on “The Family at the Center of the Economy” promoted by the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe

The Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE) recently met with the Romanian Association “Vladimir Ghika” for a conference in Bucharest on the theme: “The Family at the Center of the Economy.”

The seminar brought together policy makers, academicians, and representatives of civil society to discuss the urgency of family policies that really take into account the inestimable value of the family for the economy and for society as a whole.

Paul Dembinski of the Observatoire de la Finance, Matteo Rizzolli of LUMSA in Rome, and Cristian Paun of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies spoke on the demographic crisis that affects all European countries. In that context, the “Robert Schuman Foundation” published a political document entitled “Europe 2050: Demographic Suicide”.

Antoine Renard, FAFCE president, presented 50 proposed measures concerning family policies in Romania and Iulian Oanta, president of the association “Vladimir Ghika,” stressed the constructiveness of discussions with the major political representatives regarding the major challenges of demography, pensions, and taxes. Among the first renewals for family policies in Romania, she suggested organizing a referendum on marriage as a union between a man and a woman, as three million citizens have requested.


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