02 May 2018

The Family: The Great Dream for Everyone

The fourth artistic multimedia clip combined with the catechetical journey towards the Dublin World Meeting is on line

“And all who heard him were amazed at his understanding and his answers” (Lk 2:47): this evangelical phrase is the theme of the fourth artistic clip in preparation for the Dublin World Meeting of Families. The multimedia content—available on our website and on our YouTube channel, is accompanied by the soundtrack of the meditation for violin and orchestra from Jules Massenet’s three-act opera Thaïs.  Intended to support the preparatory catechesis, each month until the meeting in Ireland in August, a new clip is poroposed.

Created, like the preceding ones, thanks to the collaboration of our Dicastery with the Franciscans of Mary, this new clip represents the fourth stage of a reflection, which started in the first catechesis, from a concrete look at today’s families, indicating the relevance of the Word of God which can illuminate the family’s daily life at home (second) to reach the great dream that God has for every family (third), even where fragility and weakness seem to break it (fourth).

Combined with the catecheses, these clips—lively and pleasant resources to use in the family or the parish—are available in five languages (link) and last about 5 minutes each, offering an intertwining of the Gospel’s text, in a musical itinerary created by Marco Tibaldi, theological consultant for the project “Il Grande Mistero”, and a piece performed in concert by Maestro Andrea Bocelli at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.