Sport is always a good opportunity for “Giving the best of yourself.” Talk continues about the document on the Christian perspective of sports and the human person—edited by our Dicastery and ...

From Ronchi dei Legionari to Rome: 700 km in four days. A group of cyclists support the project “A Door for Life”

On a beautiful day in July, Father Giovanni Buontempo, representing the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life, welcomed the cyclists who participated in the project “Ride to Rome,” at the end ...


A few days ago, the relay team “Evangelii Gaudium” shined forth with a great victory at the XII Super Marathon of Etna, a race of 43 km, from the coasts in the province of Catania to the summit of ...

A document about the Christian perspective on sport and the human person was presented today in the press room

“Sports is a meeting place where people of all levels and social conditions come together to reach a common aim. It is also a formative vehicle. Perhaps today more than ever, we must fix our gaze on ...

The introductory speech by the Prefect Card. Farrell at the conference on sports as an instrument for welcoming and growth

“Sport can unite people beyond their geographical or cultural background, their race or religion. Sports allows us to look towards the other, to walk, supporting those who are next to us and so to ...

On 31 October, a conference organized by our Dicastery

“Inclusive Sports: A Look towards the Other” is the theme of the conference that will be held in the Pio XI Hall, in Rome’s San Calisto Palace, on 31 October at 2:45 pm. After the greetings by the ...


Sports as a factor of social inclusion, sharing and socialization. An example of this was the event that took place on Sunday, September 3rd, in Fossano, a locality of the Province of Cuneo in ...

Church and Sport
Holy Father Francis met the members of the Brazilian football team who survived the plane crash

On 26 November 2016, the Chapecoense team preparing to play against the Colombian Atletico Nacional in the final match of the South American Cup, was involved in the terrible plane crash near the ...

Church and sports
Pope Francis received in audience the delegation from the National Football League

At 9.00 this morning, in the Study of the Paul VI Hall, the Holy Father Francis received in audience the delegation from the National Football League (NFL), and addressed the following greeting to ...


On Tuesday, 16 May, at 10:30 am, Pope Francis received the Directors of the National League of Professionals Series A and the Managers and Footballers of the Juventus and Lazio Teams in the Clementine ...