17 July 2019
Church and Sport

Papal magisterium on sports

The webpage dedicated to sport has been updated on the Dicastery’s website with discourses of Pope Francis, now including Portuguese
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The Dicastery recently updated the “Documents on sport” webpage with up-to-date discourses of Pope Francis on sport.

In his many discourses, the Pontiff has emphasized the importance of use of sport as a tool for education and evangelization of the laity, and as a means to encounter people of different ideologies and backgrounds.

As mentioned in his letter sent to the Olympic Refugee Team during the 2016 Summer Olympics, the Holy Father states that playing a sport can also serve as a “cry for peace and solidarity.”

Available in five languages – English, Spanish, French, Italian, and the newly added Portuguese – the page offers many speeches, letters, and video messages that the holy fathers have made, which on many occasions they have referred to sport as a means of promoting the encounter with the Creator, people’s social inclusion, and the development of the nations.  

Along with the magisterial documents, and available in the five languages is an online version of “Giving the best of yourself”, the Vatican’s first document on sport.