30 June 2017

Preparation for Dublin 2018: The Catechesis and the Festival of Testimonies

A Meeting in Dublin on the Program, the Catechesis, the Festival of Testimonies; the full involvement of the delegates of family ministry in Ireland’s dioceses.

Msgr. Carlos Simón Vázquez, delegate of our Dicastery’s Family and Life Section, and Dr. Marco Brusati, our collaborator in the organization of major events, have been to Dublin in recent days to meet the local organizers and volunteers of the next World Meeting of Families. This visit gave them the opportunity to see and appreciate the commitment of the Church of Ireland in the preparation of the WMF.

One meeting was devoted to the Preparatory Catechesis which will be made public in July. There was also discussion on the “Festival of Testimonies,” which will close this Meeting’s Theological-Pastoral Congress, and on the Mass with the presence of the Holy Father.

After creating the contents and establishing of the Meeting’s chrono-program, it will be necessary to identify and select the group of families that will enrich and qualify the festival with their testimonies.

Finally, there was also a valuable and encouraging encounter with Ireland’s family ministry delegates, who have the decisive task of accompanying the preparatory phase in their respective dioceses throughout the country.