18 April 2018

International Congress of Latin American Universities

Interventions of Father Gutiérrez in Honduras on the challenges of the family and the pastoral work required today

“Seek new ways to transmit faith in Jesus Christ, to help young people discover the splendor and beauty of human and divine love, of the body and sexual difference in order to go out to meet situations of fragility.” This is the invitation launched by Fr. José Guillermo Gutiérrez Fernández, an official of the Dicastery, at the General Assembly of the network of Latin American family institutes at the Catholic University of Honduras as he spoke about the contribution of university institutions for the family in the current cultural situation. “Be outgoing churches—the official urged—becoming increasingly a place for dialogue between faith and culture.”

During these days, Fr. Gutiérrez also spoke on the “Identity, Mission and Challenges of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life” at the Network’s 5th International Congress, highlighting among the urgencies “the promotion of a pastoral care of life that is organically simultaneously proclamation, celebration, and service, thus overcoming limitation to pro-life activism, although it too is necessary.”

Finally, Fr. Gutiérrez focused on the “revival of the fourth chapter of the encyclical ‘Evangelium Vitae,’ which—he continued—calls for strong pastoral action in favor of life. This presupposes adequate catechesis that deals with the theology of creation, anthropology and Christian eschatology, of which—he concluded—the incarnation of God’s Word is the fulcrum.”