29 October 2018

Echoes of Dublin at the Catholic University of Argentina

Alberto Bochatey, Zelmira Bottini di Rey, José Guillermo Gutiérrez, Miguel Angel Schiavone

On 19th October, Don José Guillermo Gutiérrez from our Dicastery attended a workshop at the Institute for Families at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina.

His talk – attended by a large group of students and teachers – focussed on the Dublin meeting of the Directors of the Family Institutes while the WMOF was in progress and who signed the Founding Charter of the  REDIUF (International Network of University Institutes for the Family). Don Gutiérrez illustrated the ideas central to the agreement, emphasizing the independence of the emerging network and the need to link institutes sharing the same anthropological vision and promote interdisciplinary studies on the family to achieve greater academic cooperation,  student exchanges and an overall improvement in research.

In conclusion, he highlighted the assistance that the Institutes for Families are called upon to give to the pastoral requests of the Church, describing a plan of future prospects.