At the Dicastery, a meeting with representatives of university family institutes

Over the past few days, the Dicastery has hosted a meeting of REDIUF, or the Rete Internazionale degli Istituti Universitari per la Famiglia (“International Network of University Family Institutes”), ...


On 19th October, Don José Guillermo Gutiérrez from our Dicastery attended a workshop at the Institute for Families at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina. His talk – attended by a large ...

Young people and affectivity
In the context of Family Week, a convention was held in Rome on affectivity and sexuality attended by Undersecretary Gambino

To focus on the “integral education” of young people, to accompany them in  understanding their identity as an individual composed of body and soul called upon to live their relationships with ...

From Japan
A story of love and friendship, where technology serves to ask: “What’s your name?”

A “simple and beautiful” story of friendship, in which technology is a tool for getting to know the other person, while destined to leave room for the memory of the heart and an urgent question: ...

JP II Institute
A master’s degree in bioethics and formation in collaboration with the Institute of Bioethics and Medical Humanities of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Penetrate all cultures—medical, juridical, philosophical, and pedagogical—and animate them from within, so that they express the whole truth about man and life: this was reaffirmed by Pope Francis in ...

Ateneum Regina Apostolorum
Superior Institute for Women’s Studies is offering an advanced course for a panoramic vision of the body in today’s culture

The advanced course “Signifying the Body: Limit, Encounter, Resource" is offered by the Superior Institute for Women’s Studies of the Pontifical Ateneum Regina Apostolorum with the aim of ...

John Paul II Institute

The Chair “Gaudium et Spes” at the Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences was inaugurated a few days ago. “The new chair—a note indicates—expresses the ...

The Expert’s Note
A comment on the 2017 CISF Report by Dr. Marco Brusati, analyst of anthropological models of the mass media system

"We need a specific and stable commitment to know and guide the media relations of the very young, starting as early as late childhood; for example and as a first step, we cannot ignore whose ...

A course on the theology of marriage begins tomorrow at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum

The Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum has organized, in collaboration with the Project Misterogrande, a course of nuptial theology that will begin tomorrow and last ...

The social networks are full of children: Who protects them?

The observations of the journalist Simone Cosmi and the psychoanalyst Alberto Rossetti, in the book published by Città Nuova “Nasci, cresci e posta” constitute this guide for understanding ...