17 February 2018
Young People and the CCEE

Europe’s Young People on the Way to the Synod and the WYD

Cardinal Farrell meets with the Youth Commission of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences

In recent days, Cardinal Farrell received a delegation of the Youth Commission of the Council of the Bishops' Conferences of Europe (CCEE), in view of a fruitful collaboration between the Dicastery and the CCEE, especially on path taken on the European level towards the next Synod of Bishops on Youth and the World Youth Day in Panama. H. E: Msgr. Hollerich, Archbishop of Luxembourg, President of the CCEE Youth Committee; Fr. Jorge Alvaro, Secretary; Fr Michel Remery, responsible for youth ministry in Luxembourg and initiator of evangelization projects such as Tweeting with GOD (in six languages) participated in the meeting. Cardinal Farrell was accompanied by Fr. João Chagas, the head of the Dicastery’s Youth Office.