12 January 2018

An Effervescent “Site”

In today’s issue of the Osservatore Romano, a long interview with the Prefect Kevin Farrell

A reflection on the year and a half passed since the establishment of the Dicastery; the presentation of the major events being prepared, including the World Meeting of Families and the World Youth Day in Panama. Also, support for life and collaboration with the Pontifical Academy for Life, the role of women in the dicastery, and the commitment to participate in the “communications reform” desired by Pope Francis.

This and more can be found in the interview with the Prefect Kevin Farrell published in the Osservatore Romano: “The great challenge we are facing—he said—is to enter into a new mentality of work, collaboration, and service. This new mentality involves first thinking in terms of a single Dicastery, a single new ‘body,’ which is composed of various organs but lives, moves, and acts as a whole.”