21 November 2018
Dicastery Activities

A Path of Discernment

Values, Processes and Mission for Strategic Planning in a Synodal Context

“We are really trying to become a Synodal Church as Pope Francis has requested. We are going through the experience of looking together at the service we are providing the Church by means of our contacts with the Episcopal Conferences, the movements, associations and all the bodies that are in some way connected to us.  We are also working to serve our recipients better: the lay faithful, families, young people, the pastoral care of life”.

This is how the Secretary, Father Alexandre Awi Mello explained the meaning of the formation and strategic planning project that the Dicastery has been working on for the past few months: “The  objectives include” – he added  –   “becoming aware of the contents of the Statutes, its  purposes, clarifying its inherent values, the processes necessary and the mission to be pursued”.