08 March 2019

Flora Gualdani and the wellsprings of life

A documentary produced by the “Associazione Oratorium” on an 81 year-old midwife from Arezzo (who has dedicated her existence to supporting life) and her Association “Bethlehem House”, a school where “freedom not to abort” is taught by combining charity and truth

On 2nd March, a documentary was presented at the Oratorium of Saint Filippo Neri  in Rome on Flora Gualdani, a midwife from Arezzo who, in 1964, founded  “Bethlehem House”, an association that announces  the Gospel of Life through an apostolate of action and contemplation, providing a service of charity to support maternity and newborn life, combined with spiritual, cultural and educational commitment.

The idea of making a documentary was inspired by a catechesis that Flora Gualdani gave in 2016 in  Santa Maria in Vallicella, at the Oratorium of Saint Filippo Neri to a group of married couples under the guidance of Father Maurizio Botta. Participants included the film director, Francesco Teresi, who, along with the others, was struck by the power of Flora’s testimony.

The Oratorium Association decided then and there with Father Maurizio, to finance and produce a documentary on this extraordinary experience, entrusting it to the expertise of Francesco Teresi. The purpose of this homage is to leave  future generations with an extremely valuable documentary, that enables people to become familiar with the essence of a special woman and her commitment to life.

The documentary is freely available on Youtube.