01 February 2019
Family and life

True love in the Family is Forever

In March: the III Binational Pro-family Pro-Life Congress in Mexico and the United States

The Binational Pro-family and Pro-Life Congress organised in Mexico and the United States, a well proven experience already held on two other occasions, is now approaching its third edition. Organised by the Binational Pro-Family Pro-Life League, the “Binational Pro-Family Pro-Life Congress”, to be held on Saturday 2nd March 2019 is now expanding to two other cities on the border between the two countries.  In fact, Ciudad Juárez and Tijuana (in Mexico) and El Paso-Las Cruces and San Diego (in the United States) will be the venues of the “Congress” promoted by the “League” on the theme “True Love in the Family is Forever”.

The Congress wants to build bridges between those who defend the family and life in Mexico and the United States, to assist the Catholic Community to proclaim the dignity of human life against the threats and challenges faced. The purpose of the Congress is to train leaders, guides who attain a deep understanding of their roles since they promote the values of the Catholic Church in their community.

Programme and speakers can be found on the Congress website