01 March 2019
Latin America

The Commitment of the new generations for the common good of the Latin American peoples

Meeting at the Dicastery with leaders involved in the Church and in politics in Latin America

Last Thursday our Secretary, Father Alexandre Awi Mello, met with a large group of participants in a postgraduate course organised by the Academia de Líderes Católicos in cooperation with the Pontifical Commission for Latin America.

Since 2016 the Academy, sponsored by four Chilean universities, has been running a degree course on the Social Doctrine of the Church that has had more than 200 participants, parliamentarians, university chancellors, academics and top managers coming from 15 Latin American countries. Thirty of these are attending a course being held in the Vatican from 24th February to 4th March.  The general aim of the course is the education of future generations of social leaders committed to building the Common Good at the service of the Latin American peoples, in the light of the Church’s teaching and especially that of the current pontificate of Pope Francis. During the course there will be reports from experts, visits to some Dicasteries, meetings and ceremonies.

Academia Líderes Católicos 28 de febrero de 2019