20 March 2019
Local Churches

The People of God going forth, a national conference of lay people in Spain

The Commission for the Lay Apostolate of the Spanish Episcopal Conference is working to increase awareness of the lay faithful on their role as missionaries and witnesses of the Gospel in the Church and in Society.

From 14th to 16th February 2020, The Episcopal Commission for the Lay Apostolate of the Spanish Episcopal Conference will hold a conference called "The Church on mission at the service of our people” in order to achieve what Pope Francis exhorted in the Evangelii Gaudium: enter into a determined process of discernment, purification and reform to make the missionary impulse ever more focussed, generous and fruitful (EG 30).

As baptized people, the lay faithful play a fundamental role in the life of the Church and the Commission for the Lay Apostolate wishes to involve everyone, especially those who are working in the world of education, the media, forming public opinion and in everything that pertains to the working, economic, cultural and political life of Society.  It hopes for the participation of lay movements and associations and, in particular, the General Catholic Action that is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the approval of its Statutes this year.

For this conference, the Commission has prepared a questionnaire in order to work in groups of young people, families, movements, catechists, teachers, etc. so that the reflections and suggestions offered may gather together all the richness of the Church. Moreover, the Episcopal Conference invites each diocese to hold a diocesan meeting that allows for reflection in the groups and to make a synthesis that will serve as a reference for the preparation of an Instrumentum Laboris for the Conference.

More information available on: http://www.pueblodediosensalida.com/