The Dicastery hosted a press conference yesterday in the presence of the Secretary, Father Awi

Another four language versions (Italian, English, French and Portuguese) of  “Follow JC Go!”, the App for mobile phones, were presented yesterday,  – available only in Spanish up to now – ...

Young People
The proposals of the French dioceses for all those who cannot be at the WYD in January

It’s a long way away. For many, the journey is too expensive. And for students January is a time of school exams. For these reasons, with the intention of allowing young French people to live the ...

Young People

For the past few days, Father Alexandre Awi Mello, Secretary of our Dicastery, was in Panama along with Father João Chagas, Head of the Youth Office, joining in the preparations for World Youth Day to ...

Press conference on 13th December at the Dicastery: a theme park to be set up in Panama

On 13 December at 10.30 a.m., our Dicastery will be hosting the official presentation of the new JC GO languages, the APP, developed by the  Fundaciòn Ramòn Pané modelled after Pokémon Go, a ...


Registrations – at least 150 thousand only from Latin America – the Pope – who “ is very excited” now the event is getting closer –, Panama – “an open and welcoming city” –, and the encyclical ...

Pope Francis
The Pope’s Video Message in preparation for the WYD to be held in Panama has been released

“There are many young people, believers and non-believers who, when they have finished studying, show a desire to help others, to do something for those who are suffering.  This is the strength ...

The president of the Republic of Panama has signed a Decree which will facilitate the visa application process for WYD 2019 in countries in which Panama does not have a consular representation

According to the procedure presented in the Decree, participants in WYD will be able to apply for a special visa for the upcoming WYD through the website of the National Immigration Service of Panama. ...

Towards the WYD
A few months before the World Youth Day, Archbishop Ulloa shares his expectations regarding the meeting young people from around the world

In Panama the preparations for the next World Youth Day are strongly advancing, accompanied by prayers for the young people from around the world who will meet Pope Francis and the Central American ...


Over four hundred young Cubans will participate in the World Youth Day in Panama (22-27 January 2019). For the Cuban Church, this presence is a record. Thus, for the first time, young people will be ...

International version of the WYD Theme Song “May it be done to me according to your word” performed in 5 languages encourages young people from the whole world to pray together the words of Mary

Catholic communities and musicians from different continents worked together to prepare the multilingual version of the WYD 2019 Theme Song. The original Spanish lyrics, written by the Panamanian ...