26 November 2018

JC GO, the APP to “capture the Saints”, is about to arrive in another 4 languages

Press conference on 13th December at the Dicastery: a theme park to be set up in Panama

On 13 December at 10.30 a.m., our Dicastery will be hosting the official presentation of the new JC GO languages, the APP, developed by the  Fundaciòn Ramòn Pané modelled after Pokémon Go, a virtual augmented reality “game” with a  GPS device, allowing players to locate and capture the Pokémon (cartoon-like creatures) around the world.

In the version created by the Fundaciòn Ramòn Pané, the “hunt” is for the saints and the objective is to accompany young people towards the now imminent World Youth Day in January.  Up to now the APP – on line since 17 October and available for Android and iOS but only in Spanish – has been downloaded 244 thousand times and its fans also include the Archbishop of Panama, Monsignor José  Domingo Ulloa, but when the new versions in Portuguese,  Italian, English and French are released, a further boom in downloads is expected.


At the same time, the theme park “Cristonautas”, to be set up in Panama for the WYD period, will also be presented during the press conference.  


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