14 December 2018

Follow JC Go! “talks” another four languages

The Dicastery hosted a press conference yesterday in the presence of the Secretary, Father Awi

Another four language versions (Italian, English, French and Portuguese) of  “Follow JC Go!”, the App for mobile phones, were presented yesterday,  – available only in Spanish up to now – with which participants can create their eTeam (evangelization team), made up of friends, biblical characters, saints, the blessed and Marian invocations.

Launched by the Fundación Ramón Pané in cooperation with the organizers of WYD GMG 2019, the game is based on geolocation with augmented reality elements. The eTeam will help participants to create a collection of characters (virtual and real) that will accompany them in their pilgrimage towards the WYD 2019 in Panama and in other religious events round the world. The players, on the one hand, must carry out both individual and group missions   answering quizzes to input elements into their eTeam.

The “Follow JC Go” App is free and can be downloaded from Apple Store or on Google Play.