Aid to the Church in need
A million children together in prayer on 18th October

A million children praying the Rosary together for unity and peace.  As has been customary for the past 13 years, Aid to the Church in need has invited children from all over the world to ...


“God is a ‘lover of life’, for this reason “we must say to all the men and women in the world: do not despise life!”. Pope Francis during the general audience in his catechesis on the Fifth ...

World Meeting of Families

“That a child should not be recognized as a gift is not too difficult to imagine if we look at current cultural trends throughout the world that recede and lack respect for the reciprocal gift of a ...

World Meeting of Families

“The parents of our 4 grandchildren have chosen not to educate their children in the faith. We respect their decisions, while trying to discover new ways to do this, with creativity, fun, and love.” ...

Dublin: Matthew Lickona
“The big hoax of the Internet is to trick people into confusing an online presence with life”

“Before the rise of social media, I had never heard the order ‘Kill yourself!’ Today, this is a standard online response, one of the 100 responses out of 78,000 memes used on parents. Most people do ...

Bishop Francesco Cavina launches a prayer network to “melt hearts and make walls crumble”

After having accompanied Alfie's father, Thomas Evans, during his encounter with Pope Francis for an interview at Casa Santa Marta, today the Bishop of Carpi, Msgr. Francesco Cavina, has launched a ...

Pope Francis
The Holy Father’s words in Lima, Trujillo and Puerto Maldonado: “What would Peru be like, without its mothers and grandmothers!”

“Your faces, your questions and your lives are important for the Church and we need to give them the importance they deserve. We must also have the courage of the many young people of this land who ...

The Pope in Milan
Pope Francis’ most beautiful words in Milan about the family and children

The Pope thanked the inhabitants of Milan for their extraordinary welcome: “Really, I truly felt at home! And this with everyone, believers and non-believers alike.” He mentioned the family several ...

Papa Francesco

“Why did you become Pope?”, “What was the most difficult moment of your life?”, “How does it feel to be the representative of the Catholic Church?” These are some of the questions that the children of ...

The 2017 World Family Map: “Children are more serene within marriage”

  Marriage is one of the most stable relational forms of coexistence. This is proven by the “2017 World Family Map,” presented on 16 February, at Roma Tre University, during the conference on ...