08 October 2017

A Look towards the Other

On 31 October, a conference organized by our Dicastery

“Inclusive Sports: A Look towards the Other” is the theme of the conference that will be held in the Pio XI Hall, in Rome’s San Calisto Palace, on 31 October at 2:45 pm.

After the greetings by the Prefect Card. Kevin Farrell, Fr. Claudio Belfiore, president of the Salesian National Sports Center, will speak about “Youth and Sport: Integration vs. Discrimination,” and Michele Panzarino, Physiotherapist and Scientific Researcher of the San Raffaele Telematic University of Rome, will lecture on “Sports for All: Young People, Adults and the Elderly.” The topic “Sports and Inclusive Society” will be addressed by Pasquale Moliterni, professor of Didactics, special pedagogy, and educational research at the Foro Italico University. Giusy Versace, Paralympic champion in a variety of athletics disciplines, will speak about her experience in an intervention on “Sports and Society.”

The conference will be opened after the press conference (12:00 noon) for the presentation of the Race of the Saints, a foot race promoted conjointly by the foundation “Don Bosco in the World” and the Amateur Sports Club, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

The Race is scheduled for the next day, 1 November, after the Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica (8:30 am). Towards 10:00 am, the three races—a competitive one (10 km) and two non-competitive one’s (respectively 10 km and 3 km)—will start. The “Race of the Saints” is always linked to charity initiatives sponsored by the foundation “Don Bosco in the World.” This year, it will support a project for the protection of girl brides.

For info and registration: www.corsadeisanti.it