10 February 2017

Healing the Couple

The St. Thomas More Center in Spain has launched a campaign for mandatory family therapy

“Divorce is not the solution.” This is the slogan of the campaign launched by the Spanish legal center St. Thomas More, which has proposed a petition for a law that contemplates the obligation of family therapy to be included in the legislation that regulates divorce. The goal, explain the organizers, is “to save marriages, because one married couple saved from this catastrophe represents the first step in the moral and civil reconstruction of a country.” Behind this initiative is the experience of the Diagnostics and Family Therapy Unit at the University of Navarra: this is a real clinic of experts, mostly doctors and psychologists, who accompany couples on a path to reconciliation in order to avoid breaking up.

More than 75% of families who follow the guidelines of the Family Therapy Unit have improved their situation and have decided to lay down the hatchet and reconcile. A demanding path is proposed, because good will alone is not enough: the work of the university’s clinic consists of a diagnostic of family problems and a series of 6-8 sessions with a multidisciplinary team composed of experts and connected with other clinical divisions such as gynecology or neurology. The therapy entails: a global analysis of the family and the person; an examination of communication, in direct interviews with the patients; a survey of the family and conjugal scale; a psychopathological examination; and a genogram. “Knowing the characteristics of a conjugal union and its dysfunctions—conclude the organizers—is the basis for dealing with family problems.”

For the petition, see: http://www.tomasmoro.info/2017/02/02/por-terapia-familiar-obligatoria-antes-divorcio/


Watch the video of the campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S48JxMXCPrE