31 October 2017

The National Union of Fathers Blows Out 100 Candles

In Mexico City a Convention on “Family, Education and Peace” brings together over 2,000 representatives of Pro-Family Organizations

The National Union of Fathers (http://unpf.mx/) is 100 years old and, to celebrate this anniversary, the association has organized a Congress on “Family, Education, and Peace” that will be held at the Banamex Center in Mexico City, on 27 and 28 October, with the participation over of 2,000 representatives of pro-family organizations working in Spain and Latin America.

At the meeting, Fr. Guillermo Gutiérrez, an official of our Dicastery, will speak about the challenges of marriage and the family today. The first challenge is “existential” and resides in the contrast between the aspiration to create a family and the impossibility of realizing it. The second challenge is “social” and concerns the commitment to building a family-friendly society. The third is “anthropological,” linked to the sexual differences between men and women.

These challenges illustrated by Fr. Gutiérrez can be faced with the insights contained in Amoris Laetitia and through the efforts of Christians who, as citizens, promote the social dialogue and shared solutions to problems related to the common good.