23 June 2018

“Panama Will Be a Special Meeting”

Prefect Farrell’s video message to the participants at the second international preparatory meeting

“You have worked hard, prepared this moment, this commitment is in the hands of the Holy Spirit, who will show us where to go. I would have liked, I wanted very much to be with you personally during these days to accompany you and, above all, to thank you for all the work you have done up to now. This Youth Day will be a historic moment in the life of the Church in the world. And meeting together in Panama, in January, will be special for us: it will be a very special moment for all of Central America, but above all for the Church and young people throughout the world.”

The Cardinal Prefect Kevin Farrell said this in his video message to the participants at second international preparatory meeting  for the upcoming World Youth Days, held in recent days in Panama.