22 November 2018
Pope Francis

In the Heart of Man

The Catechesis on the Tenth Commandment: “All sin is born of evil desires”

With the tenth and last Commandment, “You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife […], or anything that belongs to your neighbour”, Pope Francis concluded yesterday his Catechesis on the Commandments.

“Let us bear firmly in mind – said Francis during the audience – that all the Commandments have the duty of indicating the confines of life, the limit beyond which a person destroys himself and his neighbour, ruining his relationship with God and his relations with others.  The Commandments teach us this”.

“The last Commandment” – he added –“highlights the fact that all transgressions are born of a common interior root: evil desires.  All sins are born of an evil desire. All of them. There, the heart starts moving and one enters into that wave and ends up sinning.  But not a formal, legal transgression,: a sin – he concluded – that wounds us and others”.