22 August 2018
World Meeting of Families

Card. Lacroix (Primate of Canada), “Pope Francis tells us that love is a power that can change a life, a couple, the world”

“Statistics in our countries show that many marriages end in divorce, sometimes shortly after being celebrated. Another trend that we can observe is that couples choose not to get married but build a family without marriage, considering it an antiquated, obsolete, or even restrictive tradition.” This was reported by Card. Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada, who spoke this morning during the panel session on Marriage as a Path to Joy Today at the World Meeting of Families being held in Dublin. The cardinal contrasted this vision with the image of love presented by Pope Francis in the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia. “Pope Francis,” reiterated the cardinal, “delineates the main characteristics of love’s true meaning sand its contribution to a family and to our world. I would dare sum up his teaching with these few words: Love is a power. Love is a power that can change a life, a couple, a family, the world.”

Refuting the claim of those who say that “family life is outdated,” the cardinal noted this: “I could bear witness to how enriching it is to see my people grow in love and experience how all have learned from our mistakes and grown through them.” Finally, looking towards a “bright future” for the Christian family, Card. Lacroix, quoting Pope Francis, called for the creation of “associations for the defense of rights and the pursuit of noble goals” that “contribute to social and cultural progress.”