24 August 2018
Dublin: Francesca and Filippo De Carlo

Family Communities of Evangelization: The Communion of Churches already lives in homes

Can the sacrament of marriage play a role on the path towards Christian unity, today strongly threatened by other drifts?

During the panel session on “Marriage, the Family and the Search for Christian Unity,” the spouses Filippo and Francesca De Carlo, of the project (Association and Foundation) “Mistero Grande,” gave their testimony. Faced with the perspective of Christianity reduced to a private matter, the “Family Communities of Evangelization,” created in the framework of this project, want to be an effective pastoral instrument because they are based on the Word and on the Magisterium of the Church. The underlying awareness is that “the spouses consecrated by the Sacrament receive the Grace of being a real sign of Jesus’ love for the Church and are called to announce it in their lives.” “The ‘strategy,’—if we want to call it that—for spreading Christianity has always been to enter the houses, because only by starting with the conversion of married couples is the identity of the Church, who is called to be yeast, an integrated and integrating part of the network of human relations, respected,” while the parish becomes the communion of the churches that are already alive in the homes.